Sports has grown into something so scientific and researched into it’s no longer just maintaining physical fitness or overall health.

Sports also has grown into something about being body conscious – how you look while doing it, and how you look after doing it.

Yesterday, Sarah and I were treated to a fashion show by Puma, in conjunction with Marina Square’s Lead the Fashion Revolution.






There were some really cute shoes – sneakers, half sneakers, canvas boat shoes and sporty ballet flats that caused mini heart attacks because I couldn’t get good photos of them, and I wanted them (the shoes, not the photos) so bad!




It was a fun, laid-back, preppy-sporty show that got people scurrying to the store right after the fashion show to enjoy the 15% discount storewide!

We too went into the store after the show, but by the time I decided to valiantly reward myself with a pair of happy crayola coloured sneaker, they were all sold out in my size.

Puma’s got a HUGE event coming up at Zouk. Stay tuned!


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I hate sneakers but LOVE these!

Comment by WendyB

i love them too! for the fun cartoonish looks, great colour, and the pretty affordable price!

Comment by wottoncool

thanks for the pictures!
i didnt get to go but someone went on my behalf.

Comment by dinie

we were expecting more bloggers! only saw dottie. the crowds were pretty crazy though

Comment by wottoncool

I think the PUMA shops overseas carrying a wider and more fashionable range. The sneakers are awesome but remind me too much of Nike… hmmmmmm…. lol

Comment by Sarah

hmm i dunno what the range is like overseas… but i can see that the puma website has stuff we haven’t seen in singapore!

anyway i think puma sneakers are pretty distinct, especially the clyde range! i’ve a pair of my own 😀

Comment by wottoncool

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