Green Grins

Here’s what we wore to the Uniqlo Store Preview:


Pardon the mop on my head as a terrible excuse for hair. And the hole in fringe! Omg I hate holes in my fringe ): I wake up with a centre parting everyday.


Here’s my not-so-epic outfit

Top: White tank top with cygnet (swan) embroidery from Laurie Foon
Cardigan: Black double-breasted short sleeved jersey cardigan from
Bottoms: Black shiny leggings from ebay
Shoes: Silver crackled flats from Cotton On. I wear these too much.
Accessories: Polka dot handkerchief from Mango, watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bag: Recycled PVC banner bag from Demano at The Lawn and Uniqlo’s gift bag


Very basic white Tank Top: U2 Ladies
Textured Belt: Alaia (from Jo’s $1 Goodness)
Drop-Crotch Pants with Button Detailing: Abyzz by Desmond Yang
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Bags: Adidas and Uniqlo goodie bag

Watch out for these babies from Abyzz by Desmond Yang. They can be transformed into a long-sleeved top, tunic, halter-neck and many other incarnations we have yet to discover! It’s from the same series as these cardigan, one-piece, dress thing that Jo bought.

More about it soon!


  1. hey girls. i came across your site thru stylebubble.your blog is so interesting. i am looking forward to going to your site to find out what is going to be the latest buzz in sg fashion.

    oh yes, thanks for the recommendations of places u went to during ur bangkok trip. helped alot.
    keep blogging.looking forward to regulate ur blog more often. 😀


    1. hi brownie, thank you for your sweet words (:

      hopefully when exams are over and done and over with (!!! seems so far away) we’ll get to rapid posting haha.

      see you around!


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