Tampines 1 – Uniqlo!
Tuesday 7 April 2009, 1:25 am
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Tampines 1 is the newest mall to hit suburbia Singapore, BUT this time you should not be expecting the kind of shops you usually see in the heartlands. Expect greater things, like Topshop, Springfield, Kappa, the kind of stores that are , well I wouldn’t say relegated to, but usually open in the city.

We love that it strives to bring in new concepts and new retailers to Singapore. It’s easy to dimiss new malls nowadays.. what with the economic downturn, lack of tenants and creativity blah blah blah. With Tampines 1 there will be no economic downturn for me. Pump in the consumption and investments, I say!


It has landed! We pined for it and lusted for it to come to Singapore, and now that it’s in Singapore we’re pining and lusting for more of its wares!


We were invited to the Uniqlo Store Preview before Tampines 1 has its soft opening on Thursday.


There was Media Frenzy as Mr. Tadashi Yanai addressed everyone. And expenses were not spared at cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were freely flowing throughout the 2-hour event/shopping experience (((:

Wthin half an hour of the store preview, pieces like the fleece blazer SGD69.90 and denim shirt (price unknown, at least to me because it flew into the happy baskets of fellow shoppers) almost ran out.

I can’t imagine how it would be like on the first day of its opening to the public. Sarah says campers, I say CHAOS! What do you think? What are you expecting?


The store front is deceptive. You’d think it looks pretty shallow at a glance, but really, it is a generous L-shaped enclave that houses all the goodies that Uniqlo offers in ALL its stores.


Another great thing about shopping at Uniqlo is the staff. I’m quite picky about how salespersons service their customers (I am a part-time one myself) and I must say it is hard to find a balance. No customer wants the salesperson to be a shadow. Do they have any clue how annoying that is? On the contrary, no customer wants to be left completely alone.

All over the world – I think Uniqlo’s staff are employed, and/or trained to an optimum level of friendliness, politeness, and helpfulness. They greet you (multiple times!) and make sure you acknowledge that they are at your service and willing to assist.

I was quite amused when I first stepped into Uniqlo at Festival Walk in Hong Kong. Firstly, I never heard “Foon yeng gong lum” in my life, which loosely translates to “(feel) welcome to browse/shop”, and they said that every 5 second because there were so many new customers.

I don’t think that there’s such a thing as too much hype over Uniqlo, because they seem to always deliver. Japanese quality standards are impecable! <3!


And as part of the goodie bag, we were each given a $100 voucher (!!!) How could we resist the opportunity to shop!?!

(Thus the slight lack of proper photos, we were busy. 😀 sorry!)


We’ll blog about our purchases soon!

Uniqlo even has a small room lined with sewing machines to alter your purchases within the day! Just remember to wear fuss-free shoes to shop. You have to remove your shoes before entering the fitting room cubicles.


Happy with our purchases and amused by the screens in the mannequins…

Make sure you’re at Uniqlo, Tampines 1, on Thursday 9 April, to snatch a piece of Uniqlo!

Stay tuned as we bring you more exciting new stuff from Tampines 1!

And as the screen very aptly says:




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yeah, what’s with the shoe-removing policy! I don’t remember doing that in HK!

It was fun meeting you girls yesterday :)))

Comment by xwen

it was great seeing you too! made us feel so much more comfortable hahahah. anyway we saw these dries van noten strappy sandals outside one of the changing rooms. it was almost going to be mine if it was in my size! lol


Comment by wottoncool

Lucky Girls!

Comment by JoYs


Saw you girls there at the media preview…maybe I’ll go up and say hi at the next media event… =p
So what did you girls get using the vouchers…


Comment by LHomme

hi! please do say hi to us. i think we were too busy oogling and shopping yesterday.

we’ll be posting about what we got too so stay tuned! (:

Comment by wottoncool

Stores in Japan require you to remove shoes in the fitting room. Guess they’re adapting from Japan, cos I just came back. Nice pix.

Comment by meh

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