Thursday 9 April 2009, 2:08 am
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You’ve seen my drop-crotch textured (and with button detailing) pants from Abyzz by Desmond Yang.


Here it is again! But wait! Spot any differences? 😀

[Is there a proper name for these transformational pant/top/ ‘all encompassing’ pieces?]

Worn with a U2 tank top (first picture) and Uniqlo shorts (second picture), I love how my one purchase can be wore multiple ways! (Next time, I’ll try it as a skirt!)

By simply unbuttoning the row at the crotch area, I create the hole for my head to fit and for the item to sit comfortably on my shoulders. *tah-dah! Pants = Top (:

The fabric is so interesting! Can’t remember where it was sourced from but i doubt you’d find a similar fabric used so ingeniously! (Seriously, how do you cut cloth and sew it into pants that also double-up at a top?)

Oh! There is even a jumper version of this drop-crotch piece! Its in a different colour and fabric AND can be worn as a halter as well. I tried it at the store but loved my pant-top (and maybe skirt) more!

Something I have to watch out for though: sitting on hard surfaces. The buttons poke back when I was sitting at the train station. hahas!

Even then, the buttons are the cutest things! Like shiny marbles attached to your clothes… My fear is that out of carelessness, I’ll lose them :/ I can imagine them popping off, hitting to ground and bouncing away. And as that sharp, crisp sound of the bouncing button fades and as I frantically search for my missing button to no avail, my heart will sink further and further (into an abyss!). Then I’ll head to Abyzz and ask Jeffrey to help me replace them 😀


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uber-cute!!!! I have never checked out Abyzz before even though I passed by the boutique every week at Millenia Walk!

Comment by xwen

You should! plus the staff are all SUPER friendly.

Comment by wottoncool

i just happened to stumble onto your site today and i LOVE IT!! 😀
Really admire your sense of style and your passion for fashion (HAHAS. I am SO witty. meh.)

I popped by Tampines 1 today but didn’t get the chance to shop at Uniqlo 😦 People were actually QUEUING to get in!
Must go there soon!

Anyway, lovely blog!

Comment by Magdelene

Hi Magdelene. thank you for your comment! And actually, the queue to get in to Uniqlo moves quite quickly. Don’t be deceived by it’s length. You just need to be decisive when you are inside. And its the queue to try out clothes that is the crazy one. the queue to pay moves quite fast as well.

Comment by wottoncool

ermm..pantop? topant? pantstop? topspants? or 2 in 1 clothing? versatile piece? will be really interesing if it’s reversible too isnt it?

Comment by youngorgeous

I’m most inclined to ‘toppants’ and if they were reversible as well (by that you mean inside-out, outside-in right?)
WOAH! would mean that all the seams have to be hidden= A LOT MORE WORK= more expensive :/ hahas.

Comment by wottoncool

Hi there, I think the abyzzz piece is a great buy!

Comment by Miss Glitzy

thanks! i think so too!! you should check out the store and their collection too. (:

Comment by wottoncool

[…] The Vagabond Looks Look Ma! It’s a ? Friday 12 March 2010, 12:46 am Filed under: – Sarah, DIY, OMGWTFBBQ, Our Style, Outfit Photos | Tags: Abyzz by Desmond Yang, change, Comfort, pants, Skirt, Transformation Remember this? Abyzz by Desmond Yang transformational top/pants worn to the Uniqlo store preview at Tampines1, as blogged about here? […]

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