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Friday 10 April 2009, 5:23 am
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The Boyfriend accompanied me to Tampines 1 on it’s first day open to the public.

(do you see where this is going?! 😀)


And like moths to a flame, we honed in on


where else?! Uniqlo! hahas.

I wasn’t present to witness the 10am opening mayhem. But! at 11.30am, the crowd was unrelenting.


There was a queue to enter (although it did move relatively quickly)


And at some points, the queue to pay snaked till outside the store!!

We were hungry so decide to catch lunch before braving the queues


Manpuku was where we ended up

Aptly called the ‘Japanese Gourmet Town’, it offers a wide variety of Japanese foods such as Udon, Ramen, Sushi, Sashimi etc.


You are basically spoilt for choice for gourmet Japanese foods (at gourmet prices!!)



salivating yet?! 😀


They’ve even gone through the painstaking efforts of recreating an old Japanese town ambience for diners.

So. What did I have for lunch?


Sho-yu Cha-shu Ramen (Soy Sauce Char Siew Ramen) $10.80

the chili flakes were my addition. And the staff was a little bit over-zealous with the soy sauce (save your kidneys, choose miso-based ramens)

The boyfriend had…


Mushroom soup $2.00. and Omelette $6.80.

and he also ‘secretly’ took photos of me eating. how glamourous?!


Anyway, after our meal, we walked about and I caught a glimpse of the pool that belongs to Amore Living. Then went to Uniqlo to look around.

Singaporeans were out in full force to storm the store.


And at this point, I’d like to observe a moment’s silence to express my sincere appreciation, apologies and condolences to the staff of Uniqlo. Who have to spend the whole day

  1. Standing – serving you at the cashier, attending to you in the fitting rooms, fielding your questions, searching for your size
  2. Folding – the items that are accumulating in mountains all over the store
  3. Being on their toes – to ensure that everyone leaves as a happy customer.

Having worked in sales for 2 years, the feeling is all too familiar.


And since I was there… I decided to add a few more items to my small (but growing :D!) collection.


My outfit for the day:

Denim vest: from my childhood
Metallic Tank top: nicholas
Sky blue shorts: Uniqlo
Canvas bag: Uniqlo
Shoes (not shown): Puma
In my arms: 2 tanks + 2 UTs + 1 shorts + Boyfriend’s UT

Prices were marked down because of the opening. I just had to. 😀

Plus! Because I had been to the shop on Monday, I already knew my size, thus avoided the need to use the fitting room completely. yes!

Content with my purchases, I explored the downstairs areas


Promod had the loveliest Fuschia pink harem pants for sale.


UrbanWrite by Popular just beckons!!!

But. Since it’s study week, I ought to be studying. So I did. I parked myself at Teadot.



With my Angel’s Breath tea…

And studied the afternoon away. (:


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im pretty jealous right now..:x

Comment by emma

I think I saw U at Teadot! Hahahaha. Anywho, I’m loving Tampines 1! Don’t U? Oh yeah, how do U get that Uniqlo bag? Did U attend their press con or something? 🙂

Comment by Niz

Hey Niz, next time… say hi! (: and yeah.. it was their goodie bag from the pre-launch preview of the store.

Comment by wottoncool

Hmm…that ramen looks delish….glad to see Uniqlo got a warm/hot reception!

Comment by susie_bubble

mayhem oh goodness! You’re the only person who posted a photo of what Tampines 1 looks like from the outside, thanks for that cos i’ve been wondering!

Comment by greenlaundry

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