Variety vs Quality

Over the weekend, I’ve had a revelation of sorts. Not only because it’s been Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday (don’t you like it that they all have names?), but my boyfriend passed me a recent issue of Newsweek to read.

Jonathan Tepperman wrote about “The Case for Luxury. The savvy shopping buys less but spends more in hard times.”

Basically, he talks about the ton of shirts, pants, suits, denim, coats he owns – most from high street stores, a select few from high fashion labels. Out of the mass of clothing are The Chosen Few. The most loved, most worn items, which only make up a small fraction of his entire wardrobe. So he proposes that we spend more and invest in luxury pieces than misappropriate our funds into smaller (and possibly regrettable) purchases at lesser lux places.

It makes sense to me. Over the past year I’ve shopped the most at Baylene, Giordano Concepts, Topshop and eBay. (This month alone I’ve only shopped at Uniqlo – that’s impulsive and scary.)

chanel-classic-flap-bag 90006b

rick-owens-fitted-leather-jacket ysl-pump

With the money I squandered away over the past year I think I might be able to get me
– just the sling
of a Chanel 2.55
– one side of a pair of Repettos
– the platform sole (or maybe just the stiletto heel) of a YSL Tribute Pump
– one sleeve of a usually double sleeved (no kidding :O) Rick Owens leather jacket
and I dunno.. any suggestions?

If luxury labels and comfort are always perfectly directly correlated, I would love to own a pair of Chanel or Lanvin flats. I haven’t got to trying a pair from either on though.

I believe that one pair of comfortable flats and one pair of comfortable heels will get me through anything. Do comfortable heels exist? Besides say er… Clarks?


It’s a struggle for me because you’re giving up variety. Although sometimes I tend to buy the same things over.. Like I have 3 black vests, 2 black.. no but you see they all are different, like this one has a sheer… okay I’ll stop explaining myself.

Maybe the author is speaking from an entirely different context for an audience that is not me… The ones who read Newsweek not because school forces them too, but the articles are their bread and butter, and the advertisements are of products they can actually afford – Rolex, LV luggages, Singapore Airlines (yea nowadays I only fly budget, and only go to the countries as far as the airline goes).

Either way I think it’s a good way for me to go, because if I save up for that something big, and if for some reason or other I end up not buying it, I end up with a happy balance in my bank account.

(starts chanting “Less is more, less is more. Less is more!”)

Read the original Newseek article here.


  1. I’ve begin to pick up the habit of buying less, and “investing” more in quality goods. I now only shop at most 1 item/mth and have begin to appreciate local and asian designers more – Nicholas, Burgundy, etc. Though sometimes I feel my outfits are more boring, I still feel pretty good as their good fit and quality make up for everything. 🙂


    1. hi!

      i’ve been following your blog and your new purchases like your longchamp bag and tod’s loafers. my bf has been eyeing those tod’s loafers but i doubt he’ll get them anytime soon. i like the direction you’ve been taking cos you always look sharp and cool.

      another reason for me to start steering my purchases away from cheapo (but happy!) buys ahhaha. good fit and quality make me very happy too.


  2. I think I saw you at Manpuku last weekend. Did you try the tarts? They are probably the only food I’m going back there for. I like you in grey, very cute outfit you wore. By the way, I love variety in my closet and cannot resist repettos and chanel as well. I should really chant less is more! :p


    1. hi gisele! thanks! you should have said hi 😛

      yes we tried the tarts! they are so awesome. i love the citrusy one the most. the rest kinda make me feel a little bloated.

      i’ll start chanting with you. must find inner strength and peace to start saving for LT investments! lol.


      1. I wanted to but I was in the queue buying tarts! lol And I saw a few of you snapping the tarts and proceeding inside. 🙂

        I’ll be chanting regularly so that I can add more chanels into the collection! May the force be with you.

  3. Chanel 2.55 is Top on my list!

    Have been lusting it for very long…

    *Something we should note too… Branded also appreciate in price!

    So we should buy them SOON!



  4. AH! I have had the exact same revelation lately! I even live by the new maxime. Since I had to pack wisely for Tokyo, I minimized my wardrobe to the most basic and most beloved pieces, which ended to be only very few to my own surprise. And now shopping in Tokyo, I take it slowly. Shuffling through the stores and thinking very thoroughly if that is what I want to have, investing possibly a bit more in a piece than I usually would have done. And it works perfectly! Its so satisfying to possess a wardrobe made of only things you really really love!


    1. that’s so great to know. a wardrobe made only of the things you really love. it sounds so ideal, so minimal but so satisfying. hopefully i’ll start to get there (:


  5. i think once u grow older and start earning an income, the mindset might be different. i think i see myself gradually moving towards the luxury (hopefully not overly ostentatious) side…


  6. Woww I just discovered your blog and I’m so glad to have stumbled upon another sg blog! =)

    Haha I like what you said about being able to afford the BITS of luxury items which is just a sad reminder of how elusive they are… I definitely like the idea of investing in quality pieces especially shoes (since there’s nothing worse imo than blistered/achy feet!!) but I think for now as a student I’m still sticking with quantity rather than quality ;p hopefully after we all start working we’ll be able to invest in the latter.


  7. Hi I would so much appreciate if you could tell where I can buy online this particular fitted Rick Owens leather jacket shown on the picture. I live in Denmark and this model is not in stores.


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