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Monday 13 April 2009, 10:52 am
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Rachel will be getting the black package, Ginger, the brown package, and Jenny, the Ferragamo shoes!

Here is Rachel’s ultra random entry

Sarah and Jo go to New York to celebrate Wottoncool turning one!
Barely minutes after stepping off the plane, they get accosted by The Sartorialist,
“Love those Sperry top-siders and the superb gladiators girls…”

Who directs them to a fashionable gay bar in SoHo;
(Also because Jo’s sister said to go.)
After plenty of daiquiris, they bump into Tim Gunn
Who tells them “Stop by the Atlas tomorrow, I would LOVE to have you on the show!”
Mel C chimes in from the next table,
“Yeahhh I totally get your name luv, like wot’ton but koool… it’s so wot’ton it’s cool!”
“I think you mean ‘rotten’ darling,” says the posh blonde hanging off her arm before falling over from too many cosmos

But they get booted from the first episode of Project Runway,
Because they got distracted by the thrift store next door and have nothing suitable for clothes-making from the supermarket.
“What happened girls?  I thought I told you to make it work…” sighs Tim Gunn
“We’re sorry!” chorus S & J, looking genuinely contrite, despite having scored many cheap vintage designer bargains that day
“But we can make you fluffy heart-shaped pancakes and Asian-inspired pesto spaghetti!”

“Mmmm that sounds divine!” says Tim Gunn, beaming again, “You girls are so adorable I MUST show you to Marc who just lives round the corner from me!” before they all traipse off arm-in-arm for some delicious pan-Asian fusion cuisine.

So the gay bar really was a good idea!  Although the sea cucumbers with mustard sauce weren’t so great.


Sarah and I are BIG suckers for rhymes. Back in secondary school we used to write the stupidest rhymes to our classmates. The start of each line did not matter, and it didn’t even have to make sense. But the end HAD to rhyme.

This is one from our friend, Cheryl, who very aptly writes in the spirit of random rhymes

Sarah and Jo were out one day.
Thinking it was a Saturday,
They went to the farm to get some hay.
but oh dear me, little did they
know that it was closed today.

They looked for the farmer but couldnt see
anything else but a bumble bee
They shouted so loudly,”OH HELP ME!”
but all they got was a scrape on the knee
and having to pay the doctor’s fee.

Still clueless about the time and day
They walked around in utter dismay
Cursing things that were made of clay
Until they looked at the clock and say,
“We have to go to the cafe to meet May!”

So there went Jo and Sarah Swee
still oblivious to the many clues they see
The weekday crowd were at coffee
Doing nothing but smiling with glee
Cos they were spending time with the family.

So they waited and waited all day for may
Who didn’t show cos it was not Sunday
Sarah and Jo frowned at their friend’s delay
Thinking that it was such a weird day,
Cos nothing just seemed to be going their way.

They sat and recited the a to z
then decided that they were having a party
to celebrate wottoncool’s anniversary
They had ice cream, cake, and cotton candy
on a saturday they could never forget, they agreed.

And here we have Ginger’s story

One day, Jo woke up and decided it was “THE” day to put on her rainbow jumpsuit. After wearing that with her disco-ball earrings, she left her treehouse and scooted over to Sarah’s yacht to pick her bestie up to go to Ibiza. Sarah, not one to fail was all decked out in in maxi tie-dye dress and a sun hat the brim so wide she had to lift her head up to look at people gawking at her.

They rode on a lightning bolt all the way to the party central and found SpongeBob and Kim Possible jiving impossibly next to LKY and LHL. Jo petitioned successfully for the abolition of National Service while Sarah asked politely if it was okay to do away with examinations forever! It was the most magnificent scene.

Beer was sprouting out of Mighty Merlion’s mouth and there was a singapore flyer sand sculpture right in the middle of it all. It was like Singapore from an adult Dr. Seuss book! They decided to retreat into a quiet corner only to meet Mary Kate and Ashley dressed up a la their “Full House” days as a parody.

“Cool dress and jumper” Ashley breathed out with a gust of cigar smoke that smelt like roses and lilacs. Mary Kate passed out and Sarah and Jo decided to climb the giant bean stalk to play the harp and allow paparazzi.

They huffed and puffed all the way up only to find themselves in a bar which served only lychee martinis. “Why, it was a pleasant alright” and stopped to drink enough lychee martinis to last a lifetime of giggles and sunshine.

Thank you all for your super entertaining stories. We really LOLed and almost ROTFLMAOed.


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