Han(d)ky Pan(t)ky
Thursday 16 April 2009, 7:22 pm
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I am hardly capable of any mischief… really. I never skipped school, I never played pranks (not even on April’s Fool Day), I never retorted to what any teacher had to say, I never snuck out of the house…

But I have a pair of pants that do! They like to get some hanky panky on.


Short at the sides, long at the front and back, low waisted, very roomy, very wide-legged.



Don’t I look like an apparition in a murky room that needs salvation?

If I’m not wrong, they’re called handkerchief pants by Hansel, and you probably can tell from the square shape it makes when held up in the second photo. I got them for $15 at a sale at felt last year. Steal!

If I could dance, I’d wear them to jazz or lyrical practice. But because I can’t, I would jump, but I can’t jump today because I’m achy from trying out yoga on youtube.

(I look like an elephant doing it compared to the instructor in the video.. If you do yoga, you’d know that there’s a pose called downward-facing down where you make a triangle with your butt in the air and hands and feet on the floor. I looked in the mirror and it looked more like a trapezium! Whatever that shape I was supposed to do.. Sigh.)

Last day at school tomorrooooooow!


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i think these pants are GENIUS! id like to have a pair of those please! seriously, please?!

Comment by the_kitten

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