Maria Mena
Friday 17 April 2009, 5:14 pm
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A (very) distant time ago, I managed to catch the music video of ‘Nevermind Me’ by Maria Mena.

If you’ve never heard of her, I don’t blame you. I’ve only seen her video twice. Once, in full, and the other was a smidgen of the ending :/ Yet, there was something about the video…





It showed her wandering around the place in a bear (?) costume, searching for this guy dressed in a cow costume.

Plus the song (and the rest of her music) is very nice! But her CDs are hard to find. ):

Anyway, my reason for posting was to share this image of a necklace she purchased and posted on her official, though sporadically updated, blog.



The teal flowers are so fat and juicy-looking! Doesn’t it remind you of mangosteen?! 😀





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cute necklace! i’m loving anything floral now. haha.

Comment by Miss Glitzy

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