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Saturday 18 April 2009, 5:05 pm
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Coloured stripes tee from Uniqlo, random black skinny scarf, bubble wrap accessory from 164cm in Siam Square Bangkok, long skinny studded belt from Giordano Concepts, pleat front pants from Giordano Ladies, patent pleather/suede jazz flats from Poco Poco in Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

I’ve been wanting a pair of pants that I can wear for formal presentations and all that shiz in school, and also wear on a day to day basis without looking like an office lady who wears black pants with everything.

I’ve been like a vulture stalking Baylene’s past season stock of pants. I must have tried ALL of the designs available but they all fit weirdly at the crotch.. I think it has to do with the flat front.

Simple equation. No flat tummy + fat thighs = no go for flat front pants.

It took me ages to find these but I’m glad I took so long. I bought these pair of pleat front pants from Giordano Ladies on a 50% discount for $80. I’ve been wearing them for 2 days straight because I love how they fit and feel. (O no I’m becoming an office lady)

Anyway. Just a little post to say that I’m working towards a wardrobe made of pieces I really really love! What the_kitten said in this post made me pretty psyched!

Sarah just added a pair of shoes she really really loves to her wardrobe. I’ve never heard her talk so much (or act so swiftly!) about a pair of shoes.

Sure I’ll only be added pieces that I really really love.. but should I be detoxing the wardrobe too?  Would you?


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I need a dire wardrobe detox after those shoes. :/ hahas.

Comment by wottoncool

I love your looks! you are in my list to visit every day..


Comment by textilevoltaire

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