Sole Strategy
Saturday 18 April 2009, 3:12 pm
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Since late March, I have been preparing and wrapping up the last few weeks of school and all of my projects, presentations and assignments.

In addition, there has been a lot of studying/cramming/freaking out about the end-of-term examinations as they loomed closer and closer since two weeks ago.

Currently, I am left with a one-paper-left hurdle to cross before the summer holidays are upon me


and I can’t wait!!!

But, that’s not to say that things get easier after the finals… Nope. In fact, I anticipate being even more busy with a school trip to Israel, a sporting event and heavy involvement in Student Life activities.

However, in spite of all this school buzz, lingering at the back of my mind has been these!


Maunes  by ALDO *ahhh… love. (((:

At 12pm yesterday afternoon, whilst taking a short break from studying about ‘Management of People at Work’, I devised a plan to eventually have these shoes in my possession.

Sarah’s plan to own a pair of Maunes
Step 1: Sit tight for 1.5 months
Step 2: Wait for the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE 2009 (that commences on 29 May)
Step 3: Wait/Hope the shoes go on discount

My approach was very logical: I’ll wait out the one and a half months.
They’ll be nearing their end-of-season run. They’ll (hopefully) be on discount.
I’ll purchase them then. And save some cash while at it.

Foolproof right?


The boyfriend and I had dinner at Suntec City in the evening. And I wanted to show him these shoes that I’ve been gushing about. We went to the store and !!!

They weren’t there! O.O!!!

If you heard (and felt) this loud ‘thud!’ at 8.45pm yesterday, that was my heart hitting the ALDO store floor.

I stood at the shelf and stared for at least a full minute. Did I imagine the shoes? There were similar designs but stiletto versions and the Maunes were nowhere to be seen. ):

I asked the staff. He made some calls. I think I said “I’ll die if they are sold out or don’t have my size”. I’m not too sure. I was in despair. It was all a blur.

Then, the magic words:

“Ma’am, we have one pair left in size 39 and 40 at the Raffles City outlet.”


Ok! Chuck the plan out the door. Must have them now!

Went over to Raffles City. The staff had reserved the wrong pair of shoes. (?!) But not wanting to endure that ordeal again,

I bought them.


*insert radiating glow and aura here*



As compared with the internet images I’ve pulled which feature the shoe in suede, this pair is made of leather. And I really love how the wedge joins and molds with the rest of the shoe.

Expect to see them with a many future outfit photos 😀

– Sarah,
the shopaholic


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LOL pinkie you’re so courageous. AND IMPULSIVE! hahahah. but they do look lovely.

i can’t tahan 3 hours in heels man.

Comment by jo

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hey babes. u know what??! i wentr thru the same experiance when i saw these shoes. hahha..it’s so crazy what these Maune did to me. i kept thinking and thinking whether i shld spend that $280 on it.also whether i shld wait till i have saved enough or just spend half my salary immediatley on it. then to my surprise my boy got it. i think he just wanted me to shut up about the shoes already. I thought i was crazy feeling so much for a pair of shoes. after reading your post.. maybe that’s what these shoes can do. btw love yyour blog. It’s so current.

Comment by BARA

thanks bara! makes me feel a bit better about this insane feelings for a pair of shoes! (at least I’m not alone) I think the Aldo people anticipated the induced insanity it would create and priced it accordingly.. much to my disadvantage :/

Comment by wottoncool

hahahahahaha so so true!!!!

Comment by BARA


Comment by Ze

Wow those are awesome! I was drooling a bit about it as well but not as much as you were.. lol.
But I didn’t know they came in leather too, I thought it was suede?

Comment by Ragil Mega

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The shoes are awesome, congrats on a great buy 😀

Comment by Anna Pope

omg thats me in that photoo! HAHAH 😀 but its a good YAY pose right 😀 anyway. those shoes are gorgeous shoots i want to be able to spend that kinda monay tooo THEY ARE GORGEOUS. can i try them on x: hahaha.

Comment by nessaaaa*

Sorry but do you mind if I ask about fit? Are they true to size or do they run bigger/smaller?

Comment by Vivian

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