Go Red for Women

When we start getting or are ignorant about things that concern us, it takes something startling to get us on.

Go Red for Women aims to raise awareness of heart disease in women because we are just as easily susceptible but more difficult to diagnose.



Mastercard and the Singapore Heart Foundation got hold of some designers from around the region (like hansel, nicholas, nikicio, koops) to create little red dresses to make not just a fashion statement, but a striking reminder and strong social statement.

So Go Red for Women, oogle at these ruby babies, make a bid, and remember to take good care of your heart!


Nic Wong of nicholas with his design

It’s so dangerously short it almost shouldn’t be called a dress but it’s so quirky cute in the shape and in the drapes. Or maybe the model’s just too tall…


The designers from Reckless Ericka and their wonderful design

Kudos to them because I think they did the most in terms of styling, plus that dress must have been a bit of an itch to make! Red dress + black (strappy/pumps) heels gets a bit boring…

I love this dress the most. The fact that it was a darker, broodier red made it stand out from the chilli red the rest of the designers used.

More pics!



There were cute accents all over. The grey turban, how the colour goes with the tights and. Low combat boots, voodoo-doll like choker. Kinda tribal, kinda raw, kinda messy, kinda cool.


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