Martin Lamothe

Whenever I see a new collection, thought bubbles magically surface, letters dissolve-appear (ala cheesy powerpoint slides animation), unscramble and words form in the air.

Martin Lamothe Spring 2009

Martin Lamothe Spring 2009
Pantone, pastel, pyjamas, kimono, boating, lofty, OMG-I-want-to-wear-these, oversized long bloomers?, go fly kite, :O (yawn face – not because it’s boring but it looks comfy and sleepable-in)

Martin Lamothe Fall 2009

Martin Lamothe Fall 2009
Wispy hair, wispy fringe, wispy legs (are those temporary tattoos, make-up or tights?), varicose veins (HAHAH), mean masculine loafers, why no heels? (hooray!), dinosaurs (see the flappy fins in the first two looks)

Here’s something more coherent about the designer, Elena Martin, for you ponder over.

What is fashion for?
Fashion makes you fell as you want to feel, it embodies who you are if you need to express it in any way. Fashion responds to  the need for aesthetics in every layer of yourself.

If you were not a fashion designer, what would you be?
Difficult to say, I have wanted want to be this since I can remember. I have studied art history and I am very fond of history  also. Music is my dream, but my way of expressing it is fashion.

What are you proud of ?
Of the colours and the textiles, of searching for something else.

What are you ashamed of ?
Almost everything in every collection I have made, Everything can be better and that drives you crazy.

If you could keep just one garment or accessory, which one would you pick?
Yes , of coures, my capes, that are the pantone range of the collection and my inspiration.

What do you no longer believe in?
I am still believing everything is possible ! and I believe in everything and everyone.

What do you still believe in?
As I said, in everything. But amongst everything I believe In the inspiration, in the idea or history to develop in the collection.

Interview by Jean Paul Cauvin from Fashion Reporters

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love the trench all the way in the bottom, khaki trench coats are the bees knees. and i think those designs on the knees are on tights on the models not temporary tattoos.

Comment by LauraHelen

i think they’re pretty cool as designs on tights but they still remind me of veins… not sure if that is desirable though!

Comment by wottoncool

oooh drapey oversized items are the best.

Comment by issa

These are wonderful! Where can I see the full collection? I can’t find it on style.com (or I’ve temporarily lost my mind over how beautiful the pieces are!)

Comment by anijnas

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