Summer is here. I disappear.
Monday 27 April 2009, 1:35 am
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This is a pre-emptive warning that Sarah will disappear for the next two weeks.



Here are the not-so-juicy details of my whereabouts:

27 – 29 April: Facilitation Training Camp in school
29 – 10 May: Israel (!!!)

And while I’m away, please attend, admire, ogle, experience, palpitate, salivate, grovel and swoon over Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2009.

If my flight lands early on 10 May, would it be possible for me to buy a ticket at the door of the 8pm Vivienne Westwood 2009 AW show that very evening ??!?

[Edit: Damn. I just realized that the Vivienne Westwood show is sold out *sigh*]


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Cute picture! And whoa…. Israel!!!!

Comment by Miss Glitzy

Israel is really nice. Have a good time and be careful.

Comment by Laura

woah israel. show pictures and goodies!

Comment by janel

have a safe trip. i wanna see you come back in one piece and we’ll meet at AFF!

have fun!

Comment by dinie

what kinda shoppping thriftoes can u find at israel?? hmmm who knows… it might be a shopping galore!! have fun babes… i was hoping i wld get some updates from ur great webbie regarding audi fashion festival(i am not rubbing it in btw)have a fun trip yeah??

Comment by BARA

Israel BSM? I love that trip. I think you’ll love Tel Aviv… Hope you’re there during the Craft flea market, it’s full of super awesomeness. There’s also a hidden 2nd hand store along the shopping st that you can explore.

Comment by tinana

sarah! i love your suitcase! where from? 🙂

Comment by tet

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