Slutty Shoes

Different shoes make me feel different. I’m mostly in flats but different flats still conjure up a myriad of feelings that I cannot word coherently.

Nue Car Print Block Heels – (key in ignition, engine start up noise, rackety rumble of an old car) It makes me feel like an weird old car that sticks out like a sore thumb amongst traffic because of the colour and shape.

Cotton On crackled silver flats – A little mad and happy. Like I’m wearing aluminium foil, shiny side up.

Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes – Like Nate Archibald’s BFF when they hit Hampton over summer.

Those are what I feel for most of my flats… but heels, wedges, platforms, stilettos.. (as long as they hover above 2 inches), they just make me feel like a slut.

Everyone looks awesome in heels, it gives them lengthy legs and curvy calves. (Well it kinda does to me too, just like it should on another other normal girl.)

I admire those people who LIVE in heels.. who wear heels everywhere and have long(er) legs everyday.

But I feel like it’s a SIN especially when I look at my profile in the mirror and see that I have some spindly things under my heel that’s entirely unproportionate to the rest of me.

Am I weird?

To make matters worse, I’ve fallen head over heels over the sluttiest pair of block-heel/heels/platform/sandal/shoes that one can ever imagine.



I do like the colour, the duo-texture heel, wood and cream-something, but I don’t like the gold in it (silver-is-cooler-than-gold phase I’m having. (Isn’t it weird whenever someone points out the phase they’re in? Like I know that I’m having a phase and I’m not getting out of it…))

And like, animal skin is like, sooo slutty?!?!?!? (OMG I’m beginning to sound like one! If bimbo=slut=bimbo). My feet would feel so exposed! Cleavage!

They’re USD110 and I’m probably only gonna wear them twice. Once to an event I have in mind… and er.. I haven’t thought about the other one. But still I’m gonna ask – SHOULD I GET THEM?


To leave you with an un-slutty image of me, here’s my boyfriend and I spending the day at Haji Lane eating ice cream with shoes that cover our feet completely. No photo evidence but I assure you that they were.



1 scoop of whisky and prune, 1 scoop of sea salt macadamia

2 more exams to be sat for!


  1. hi there,

    i’m following Miss Glitzy so i’m here. love your collection of flats. i’m hopelessly addicted to shoes. you’re not weird. i’m exactly like that. with clothes, too. i LOVE that pair of slutty and tacky wedges. i wish they weren’t so expensive!

    all the best with your exams.


  2. well to make you feel a little better, the heels aren’t thattt slutty – unless you’re gonna wear white tightass pants along with it! i think they’re nice, the texture’s really cool. and wooden platforms!!!


  3. I just came across your blog and found myself reading along and I thought I would leave a quick comment. I don’t know what to say honestly except that love the images of the flats but personally I like single sole 3-5 inch heels


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