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Sunday 10 May 2009, 1:41 am
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Following my foray into the realm of slutty shoes (or specifically, heels), I’ve been trying to scour for weird ones. Because I rather feel weird than slutty, haha.

After some vigorous finger cardio on Google and some blogs, I found B by Aperire, a Japanese shoe label which boasts quirky cool designs and comfortable soles which claims to be stress-free on your feet!

Not sure about you, but it sure does remind me a little of Irregular Choice.. Hmm.


Still. Pretty outlandish stuff that I’d want on my feet! I wonder how comfortable they are. Anyone with experience?


Gotta love the cute details – neon lining, wedge that tapers to a hexagon, toe box shaped like a trapezium, or the silhouette of your toes!

They recently rolled out a new store in Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood. If I lived there, I would go for their opening party and get chummy with the designer and chummy in the tummy with lots of sushi – but no, I live in brain-bogglingly sunny Singapore.

Well, but glad I found this. Eye candy is better than no candy!

Pictures from here. More shoes here and read their blog here.


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looks like the bad version of crocs.

Comment by janel

in what remote way do these resemble crocs?

Comment by wottoncool

its looks so uncomfortable. but what a cool finding!

Comment by BARA

me like!

Comment by anijnas

I’ve one pair, but I’ve got in American on-line store http://www.mymoodybooty.com
I have Butterfly model (White). Why do you say that they are uncomfortable? When I tried them on, I felt myself like walking on the clouds. Really.
As far as I know they have their shop in LA. YOU can go there to try them on. 🙂

Comment by Katherine

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