[Trave] Passing through Petra
Saturday 16 May 2009, 1:53 am
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We landed in Jordan in the late afternoon and travelled to our hotel in Amman.


By the time we arrived, it was dark. After dinner, a group of us walked around the small, quiet town. Two (very random) locals offered to drive us to a party in their lorry. We declined.

Picture 051

The landscape was mountainous and houses are built staggered. The place looked amazing! Plus the food was quite yummy too.

In the morning, we went to Petra!

Picture 056

The store owner squat just as my friend snapped this shot. Felt a bit awkward trying to take photos with random hats.

Anyway, for those who don’t know about Petra, a short introduction.

Picture 073

You walk by caves carved out eyons upon eyons ago. (That lady had the most comfy-looking drop-crotch pants by the way!)

Picture 076

Picture 074

And admire remnants of a civilisation past.

Picture 084

You walk and walk and walk and walk, get a lot of sand in your shoes along the way and then…

The towering cliffs, created by an ancient earthquake, part…

Picture 113

And you finally understand why you walked all this way in.

Picture 117

Petra, “stone” in Greek, is famously described as ‘a rose-red city half as old as time’. Declared a World Heritage Site, you’d be daft to give this a miss.

My jaw dropped as my brain slowly tried to process the sheer magnificence of the ruins of ‘The Treasury’. Having studied art history, I was so awed to be in the presence of ACTUAL CORINTHIAN PILLARS!!! O.O!!! (the fashion equivalent would be like seeing, touching, feeling, stroking, grovelling over a vintage couture piece made by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel herself!)

In my heart and mind, I was doing tribal-esque worship dances round the pillars. (:

Corinthian Pillar

I just had to caress it. (:

And basically, there is an entire ancient town to explore.

Picture 126

Picture 127

We spent about three hours there and barely scratched the surface of this amazing place.

Picture 151

Note the size of the people in comparison with these ancient buildings. Can you imagine building that without modern machinery?!?


Here are more photos of our time in Petra.



Amongst the ancient ruins.


And being my usual goofy self. :D!

More silly photos to come!!!

Stay tuned (:


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you know, for what it’s worth, this place is absolutely jaw-dropping. ABSOLUTELY. i think i would rather have been there then at the AFF…

Comment by Vogueite

that is gorgeous, im assuming you coulnt actually go inside any of the buildings, eh? and also, its a good thing you turned them people down. theres alot of human traffiking around other countries so be careful.

Comment by LauraHelen

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