[Travel] Israel Day 02
Tuesday 26 May 2009, 8:30 pm
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First stop was Mount of Olives.

Picture 058

Yes, its a cemetary. For biblical reasons, it’s a prime spot for Jews to be buried.

In the background, you can see the Dome of the Rock.

And let me introduce our Green Caterpillar.

Picture 063

Our mode of transportation throughout the trip.

Next on the agenda was Old City of Jerusalem.

Picture 088

Picture 077

Picture 075

There was also a bazaar area.

Picture 078

Other than spices, there were foods, jewelry, art pieces, souvenirs and some clothes.

Alas, we did not have a lot of time to spend at this marketplace and nothing caught my eye. ):

So onto the next location…

Picture 080

Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount and Wailing Wall.

Picture 083

It is said that when you leave your prayer at the wall, it will come true.

Picture 084

I left my prayer there. (:

If it comes true, I’ll let you know.

Next up, was a little surprise that our guide had for us.

Genesis Land

Genesis Land!

Where we wore

Picture 094

Jesus robes!


And rode camels.

Picture 095

Before taking a short walk to dinner.

Halfway through,

Picture 096

I opened a stall!

Picture 098

And was greeted by Abraham!

Picture 103

who shared some stories as we sat around low tables.

Picture 105

Dinner included pita bread, hummus, the sweetest bell peppers EVERR, lettuce, tomatoes and brinjal for starters. And the main were kebabs and date-honey-glazed chicken wings *slurps*!

Later in the evening, as part of our free-and-easy night activities, a group of us walked around Jerusalem city.

Picture 116

Random hat shop

Picture 118

We came across this funky sunglass store X-ray. They had this random pool ladder in their store.

Picture 120

And this building face is completely painted!!

And to round off the evening, we had gelatos!

Picture 123

From Aldo by Max Brenner.

And instead of taking a cab, as advised by our guide, we took a bus back to the hotel!

Picture 124

That was our combined receipt for 6 people. (:


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Israel looks beautiful, glad you had fun. That’s the ONLY country I can never travel to with my passport. Damn it.

Comment by X-Wen

hey! I think there are ways around it.. cos there was an Indonesian guy on the trip with us. Our guide made some special arrangements or something

Comment by wottoncool

Lovely trip! I wanna go there someday too 🙂 Great that there’s decent shopping.

Comment by sherin

[…] Israel Day 02 […]

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