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Tuesday 2 June 2009, 12:47 am
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I grew up thinking Club 21 was literally, a club for 21 year olds and above.. So in line with that ridiculous thought of mine I harboured throughout my secondary school years, I stepped into that awesomeness that is Club 21 in my 21st year of existence. ( No it’s not my birthday yet)

My boyfriend and I lost our Club 21 virginities to the mad bazaar over the weekend. I don’t know why we never made it to the previous one.

Here are some of the things that tried to chat us up, shamelessly assaulted, and clung on to us as we tried to escape the F1 pit unscathed.

(We swear we didn’t do anything! We’re innocent!)


Emporio Armani brocade skirt $150


Giorgio Armani jacket with weird sleeves and jellyfishy front $400?!?!?!
CK Calvin Klein skirt in a lovely fabric but I STUPIDLY DECIDED NOT TO GET $30 WTHWTHWTH!@#(!(@*U$!(@


DKNY Satin Bomber Jacket. Softest. Shiz. Ever. $??


Comme des Garcons gold glitter wool pants $100
They were really cute, but were in a thick sticky wool material that I foresee lots of rashes and discomfort in.


CK Calvin Klein silk jersey dresses $30 wthwthwthwthwhthhhh!!!!! and $20 on the last day. But I decided they didn’t look as nice on me as it would have on a nice skinny person, or without a person wearing it at all haha.


D&G corduroy and leather trim jacket $650. We were hoping it would be further discounted on the last day, but nooooo. Sigh.
D&G double layered wool jacket $650.
He didn’t like the stuff from D&G in general, so he looked very hard to find something he liked from D&G haha.

Y’s white shirt with side vents $180

Here’s what went home with us:


CK Calvin Klein baby blue jacket $60 (but we only paid $30 cos the cashier made a mistake – woot!)


Margiela distressed leather platform shoes. $200 so ugly and awesome that I had to get it!


Commes des Garcons brocade wool pants $80 ❤ how the wide leg fit on me
CK Calvin Klein grandma short-sleeved cardigan $20


CK Calvin Klein navy linen double-breasted jacket $60
CK Calvin Klein brown python leather jacket $60 (but paid only $30 – same mistake)

In Mandarin, we call their behaviour “jiu1 can2 bu4 qing1” because they were relentless and were literally begging for us to bring them home.

We’re starting to save for the next one!!

O btw, it seriously ought to be only open to those 21 and above. I don’t see why people should tow their babies and kids along to the bazaar cos it’s so crazy and dangerous and terribly irresponsible of them to just leave them with a PSP/Nintendo at a corner to guard their loot. Not sexy!

Back to lazyland for now.


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i hate that your feet is two size bigger than mine so i can’t fit into that awesome pair of wedges

Comment by linnette

[…] I was out of time (what a perfect timing!). I might have regretted a little after reading Wottoncool’s mad adventure first-hand. Anyway, Front Row is catching on to the sale bug and you should […]

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After reading your post, I totally regretted for not dropping by the sale! When I was just right at Marina sq!

Comment by JoYs

i deliberately miss the sale in order not to be lured into temptation! But boy do i understand the feeling of walking out of one of those club21 bazaars with your arm full of carrier bags – pure lovely!

Comment by clareassiral

i’m sooo envious of all the taitais who did that! one person literally pushed a PRAM full of plastic bags.. i dunno where her baby went.

Comment by wottoncool

They have Margiela? wow!!!

Comment by naboonies

yes! club21 is a big umbrella of expensive labels haha. bazaars and sales FTW!

Comment by wottoncool

oh my oh my.. why do i always miss this kinda stuff!!

Comment by stylebrownie

just sign up for more mailing lists 😛 they can get annoying, but more often than not, fulfilling.

Comment by wottoncool

can i cry?!!!

im saving up for next one! i didnt know about this one until the day before! tragiccccc!

btw, nice meeting you yestrday! sorry didnt get to talk much and your so flawless.

Comment by dinie

mailing list!!!

it was nice seeing you too, but please don’t say that! i’m so far from it! (i can’t even bring myself to type it.. f l …ounder. lol.

Comment by wottoncool

your boyfriend is such a sport! he looks as eager as you do even!

Comment by greenlaundry

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