Head over heels
Monday 8 June 2009, 11:00 am
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falling models

Here’s L’Officiel Singapore glamourizing THE runway boo-boo of late – models falling over themselves – in “Balancing Act” of their March 2009 issue.

falling models1

falling models2

falling models4

falling models5

I guess.. contorted bodies = interesting visuals? I wish there were frontal ones though!

Any more boo-boos to make their rounds around mags?

From Pedestrian


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Oh! I remember reading this issue of L’Officiel! I thought it was really cute, esp given how heel heights are reaching stratospheric levels (oh my poor feet)

Comment by elaina

Oh man, I love this so much!

Comment by Anna Pope

ohmygod, i made those scans!! LOL, i didn’t know it had circled that far out and back, btw love your wedges! your shot is very funny too hahaha

Comment by Laila

eee girl in the 4th photo has such a graceful fall.

Comment by Sue

Really interesting editorial. It really demonstrates the perils of super hauts talons!

Comment by mode.ulation

Really interesting editorial. It shows the perils of super hauts talons!

Comment by mode.ulation

Greetings from paris josie and pinks! I read this a while back and even watched the youtube video of how she fell: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/2008/11/at-prada-milano.html

Just type prada show milan models falling!

tonnes of youtube vids on these models falling. Even the famous ones fall unglamourously ):

Comment by lene

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