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Tuesday 9 June 2009, 12:07 am
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Today was a rather sad day… It started out quite good because the weather was good, and I was feeling comfortably warm in the office (you know the cold-but-wanna-be-swathed-warmth kinda want?)

But later on I went out and the heat was just SO MAD. I was perspiring out of EVERY, SINGLE, PORE in my body.

And the pants that I wore, wore into itself a ginormous hole about 10cm wide, right at the crotch. I only discovered when I went to the washroom, but not sure when I got it. Could have been in the washroom! Had to do a ridiculous cover-up with my cardigan and scurried to Zara to buy some salvation pants.

ALSOOOOO my bed has been taken over by bed bugs or something because over the past week I’ve been getting weird bites at random parts of my body… and now my legs look even uglier.


Ruffle front knit vest from Bysi, heather grey ribbed tank from Cotton On, fleece tie-front bermudas from Zara, wedges from Eastpoint Mall

Disgusting yellow background for disgusting humid sticky-icky weather, and mandatory sad face. But my fingers wanted to be happy…

(B t w (each letter pronounced ala Blair Waldorf), I didn’t wear those heels to work. I wore some un-loved pair of flats which I thought would be kinder on my feet.. but today is just not a be-kind-to-jo day)



The stupid hole… and the very emphatic victory scars the bed bugs left on my legs. Yes you won.


Bought these pair of wedges over the weekend from Eastpoint Mall for $32! It is a size too small, but wearing the 39 is just as painful as wearing the 38 (lol) so I just bought the 38 since the largest size for grey was 38 and I kinda haven’t graduated to wearing pink wedges.


I can do a spread in L’Officiel for you!


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hi there,

u better double check ur bed cos mine was also infected with one. i didnt realised it and it bite every part of my body.. to my horror. my bed was already been infested by dozens of them WITHIN 2 WEEKS!!! …

hate those bugs !!!!

Nas B

Comment by Nas B

❤ the last pic! 😀 I'll be away at camp till thursday. anything, just call me ok?

Comment by wottoncool

Really funny! 🙂

Comment by Miss Glitzy

tos heels on e runway are gratifyin dangerous…!!

Comment by Renee

awww… those grey wedges are pretty! don’t be discouraged by the weather!


Comment by WEN BUNNY

Oh you should really see a doctor. I had that problem and now… I’m still scarred. It’s horrible! Take care!

Comment by Sarah

oh gosh, sounds like a bad day to me. Let’s just hope tomorrow’s a better day. least you managed to score some cool pants from zara!

Comment by clareassiral

i looove the wedges. Love it.
Wanna exchange links,dear?

Comment by Lokita Mardanti

jealous of those shoes! (: and nice play on the L’Officiel article.

Comment by Sue

Haha, cute!

Comment by camerafilmroll

love the shoes even if they are a little small

Comment by wroxton

hi, shoes fr eastpoint which shop ? 😀

Comment by bel

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