[Travel] Israel Day 04
Wednesday 17 June 2009, 3:03 am
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Apologies for the long pause in updates. (I’ve been more busy, more stressed, more sleep deprived during my summer holidays than during school term :/ its unbelievable!!!)


Good morning in Tel Aviv!

Picture 163

This was the view from my hotel. (: Nice right?! It was so cool to able to have a Mediterranean sea view.. somewhat, at least.

We visited some companies in the morning.

Then stopped at Mini Israel for awhile.



Do you spy a giant in the background?

Picture 175

They had models of significant buildings from all across Israel. The Wailing Wall was one example.

Picture 177

And just to give you an idea of how small everything was, look at the building in relative size to the bucket!

For me at least, our guide had a complete miss in terms of the itinerary.

Highlights came from exploring Tel Aviv before and after dinner.

Picture 212

Before dinner, my friend and I went to explore the beach, which was a ten-minute walk away.

Picture 203

That’s Elizabeth, with whom I explored Tel Aviv with. She was too lazy to change out of her formal wear, thus the incongruous outfit (but who cares?! :D!!).

Picture 194

We saw these guys playing i-have-no-clue-what-it’s-called.. But it was giant ping pong bats + squash ball + tennis elements all rolled into one! 😀 (do you know it’s elusive name?)

There were also people playing soccer, volleyball and surfing.

Picture 206

We just walked along the beach and took random photographs of things. Case in point, I have no clue what that building is.. But the photo came out nice (:

Later in the evening, our guide told us that because of the presence of Bauhaus architecture in the area, Tel Aviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. cool but odd eh?

Although I doubt that this building belongs in the ‘Bauhaus’ category (even though I don’t fully know how to explain the Bauhaus style.)

Picture 207

Anyway, being Asian, we stuck out like sore thumbs. But the people were really friendly. Some asked where we were from, and if we needed directions, they were also curious to know the places we’ve visited and would recommend more.Picture 210

Picture 211

For the beach walk, I wore my DIY ‘100% WottonCool’ tank, Uniqlo tank, Baleno shorts and denim vest.

Then, we did more walking after dinner.


As a group, we explored Old Jaffa.

Picture 218

Which, according to our guide, is predominantly occupied by artists and musicians. (Something about a government initiative to inject colour into the area..)


Definitely, the city has a lot of charm. (: During our walk, we heard a solo violin playing from a swanky restaurant nearby. And the music literally filled the air! Lovely! (:

Night walk

We also stopped to take a group photo. (The expensive Digital SLR was on the floor)

And after all that exploring and sight-seeing in the evening, I went for…

Picture 219

A treat!!! 😀

My Gelato was HUGE! 😀 *slurps!!! I think even if i clenched each fist and put them together… it would still pale in comparison to this gelato :D:D:D but it definitely made me very happy :D!

And if you ever are in Tel Aviv, visit it!

Picture 223

Picture 224

Gelateria Siciliana

Beh Yehuda Street

Tel Aviv, Israel

(Diagonally left and across the street from Deborah Hotel)

Picture 220

Highly Recommended (:


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Lovely site! So nice to visit Israel! It\’s great to meet you gals. 🙂 Feel free to drop by my blog too. Cheers!

Comment by Eunice (Travelerfolio)

Hey! just stumbled upon your blog (while googling for captain planet pics- I loved the show as a child too!) the game you saw the men playing on the beach is called “Matka” which in hebrew means- racket (or bats). It is believed that the game was invented on Tel Aviv’s shore somewhere in the 1940’s.
Re the rainbow colored building- I believe that it’s the rear of the Dan hotel. hope you had fun in Israel!

Comment by Norm

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