Israel Day 05 & 06
Sunday 21 June 2009, 5:09 am
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The next day in Israel was spent in Haifa, the third-largest city in the country and further north from Tel Aviv.

Agenda for the day was to sight-see. Although, at some points I did feel that we were rushed.

Case in point:


This beautiful place!

(I can’t remember what this place is called but it was lovely!)

There were many things to see, touch, observe, soak in and  enjoy.

Including marble sculptures…


And old buildings like this amphitheatre, which is still in use! (and they were preparing for a concert at the location)

Picture 237

and awesome scenery (:



Our guide told us stories here and there…

but made us move very quickly, thus my grasp of the details aren’t very crisp. We barely had enough time to snap these photos too.. We were bugged to hurry from location to location.


however, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to…

Picture 244

Hug the pillar! 😀

Just to show how much I LOVED the place!!!!

my friends were all laughing at me. But the photo came out wonderfully!


The rest of the afternoon was spent travelling to the city,

where we had the special treat of staying at Le Meridien


Whereby the rooms were WAY too spacious us. We had a fixed pairing system throughout the trip and there were 3 beds for two people to sleep on.

In addition,

there was

Picture 292

a sofa bed!

Which I insisted on sleeping in.

because part of someone’s “Meridien experience” is the sofa bed. And my own experience was great!!! my friend couldn’t understand how? or why? I was so excited about sleeping in an “inferior” bed… I’m easily amused. What can I say? 😀

And in our exploration of other rooms, each of which had a slightly different layout,

we discovered

Picture 268

THE.BIGGEST.CLOSET.EVERRR! (ok, not really the biggest)

i just had to 😀

And after exploring the rooms, my friends and I went for a walk outside the hotel and along the beach.

Picture 269Picture 273

We came across a random ‘No Entry’ sign, which for 3 seconds contemplated bringing home with me 😀 Then the practical, Singaporean side of me kicked in and decided it was best the sign stays where its at.

And there also weren’t any shops within the vacinity of the hotel (wth?!), if we wanted to explore, we’d have to catch a cab… And even then, the shops were going to close within 10 minutes of us asking the hotel lobby staff.

The cheaper alternative was chosen.


Picture 293

The beach wasn’t much to look at.

If you can see from the blur (sorry!) photo, unlike at Tel Aviv, there wasn’t a sandy shore to walk along.

Picture 289

Picture 299

Morning view from my hotel room! Colourful but random. (:

And after a scrumptious breakfast, we were off!

Picture 301

Where to, you wonder?


Welcome to Elite-Strauss Dairy!


We were like kids at a candy store! Our tables were sprawling with products for us to try.

EVERYTHING was for us to eat!!!

Simply put, everyone left very very happy and full (:

While on the road, we also soaked up the scenery.



And after arriving at our next hotel,


And took a photo with our “catepillar” bus 😀

After settling into the hotel, we went on a walk to explore the town area

Picture 310Picture 311Picture 312Picture 324Picture 313Picture 314Picture 316Picture 317Picture 318Picture 323

Random things caught my eye. But I bought nothing except for 2 rolls of buggle gum (:

Anyway, dinner and the rest of our down-time were non-events.

But you must agree that the town is quite colour-filled!


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