Sunday 21 June 2009, 1:48 pm
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Did you eagerly anticipate the arrival of Friday, 19 June 2009?


Did you stay up late into the night, too excited to sleep?


Did you jaywalk across the street, first thing on Friday morning, to get your hands on a copy of The Straits Times?


Did you toss all the other sections aside and hone in on just one, special section?


If you answered ‘YES!’ to all the above questions,

did you notice that…

Wottoncool on UrbanBlog Party by Noelle Loh. Ubran, The Straits Times. 19 May 2009


(Milestone Moment, yo!)

On Jo:
Abyzz Jacket
Reckless Ericka 6 sleeve tee
River Island jeans
Margiela Platforms

On Sarah:

Uniqlo Tank Top
Knit Racerback top (gift)
Abyzz Pants
Aldo Shoes

And just thought I’d share our morning conversation (via sms)

Jo: it’s damn big.

Sarah (half awake): The shoes (which I lent to Jo)? Sorry!

Jo: no our urban pic

Sarah (jumps up from sleep): OMG!!! Waking up now!! I’m in camp! Need to find a copy! Shoots!

Sarah: OMG! Its HUGE! And so un-glam!! Hahas.

Jo: i know lol. we look constipated but o well hehe.

Jo: haha i’m quite surprised. but now I feel pressured to write more and write better

hello readers (:


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Congrats babe! I really enjoyed that writeup on Urban!

Comment by Miss Glitzy

congrats girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by stylebrownie

WHEE! You both look awesome, seriously! Definitely not constipated. Speaking from someone who looks really constipated!


Comment by x-wen

you looked ok what! (: loved the swirly effect of the scarf

Comment by wottoncool

Yay! Congrats!!!!

Comment by Sarah

I just read that article from Urban and came to check you girls out and now you’ve got a new fan to your site 🙂

Comment by yonia

Hey Yonia, thank you! (:

Comment by wottoncool

my friends are in URBAN!! woot woot (:

Comment by clare


Comment by wottoncool

JO! I WANT A COPY OF THE ARTICLE!! hahaha its too small for me to read :C

Comment by jo (wong)

Awesome~~ So excited for the both of you 🙂
and the photo ain’t constipated..

Comment by 3na

love your Abyzz Pants,Sarah. where exactly did you bought them? and i think im a new fan of your website ^^

Comment by amy

Hey amy! thanks (: I bought the pants from the Millenia Walk outlet.

Comment by wottoncool

I haven’t seen the real copy yet! haha

you guys have some really awesome shoes 🙂

Comment by Laila

Someone sent me this because it very briefly mentions me but you guys rocked the article….!

Comment by susie_bubble

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