Fancy Schmancy

Jo: OMG I love this dress! It’s so cute. It has a full skirt, it’s so brightly coloured… and I love it. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

Sarah: Buy it!

Jo: Bbbbut it’s not me! I don’t wear stuff like that… and how and where on earth am I going to wear this to?

Sarah: We’ll have a party in celebration of the dress!

This is how we sound when we’re mid-decision.

A party in celebration of the dress! That’s such an awesome idea isn’t it? But we haven’t go around to buying the dress… or planning the party. But maybe that was how racing fashion came about.

Carmelita: (animatedly) Oh Margie dear, I procured this lovely, lovely dress about a week ago, and I do not have the slightest idea about where to wear it to! It is a darling confection of fluff and puff, layers of can-can and lace and ooohhhh, it came with a matching hat that the kind dressmaker picked out!

Margaret: Oh Carmie, I do wish that I could help you with that… (pause) It is such a pain to have beautiful dresses lying around, unworn and unloved! I think they would feel a tad bit like me… (whimpering) untouched and unloved by my husband… (sobs)

Carmelita: (taken aback) Don’t say that! Oh my heart bleeds (!) to see you like this… We need something of a perk-me-up.

(paces around to think)

Carmelita: A party! A race! All built into one! Them men are crazy about horses and all that equestrian sport they haven’t even cast a glance at poor ol’ wifey us! This will give us a chance to better those horses and steal a glance from our husbands… and others!

Margaret: Oh Carmie you could not have come up with a better idea! (gradually more voluble) Once that old hubby sees someone else set eyes on me he will be enraged and all fired up! And you… oh you in that beauuuuuuuutiful dress. Yes! Let us!

Okay but alas, that is not how racing fashion came about, and we have yet to find out.

Meanwhile, the Singapore Derby will be held on 12 July 2009, and it is the 14th year that the Singapore Turf Club and Emirates have collaborated for this event.

They got the dressmakers from Heng Nam Nam boutique and milliner, Shai Tabassi to design dresses and head dresses for the event.


Cream and gold were put to use in more casual outfits, which were kinda like just wife-beaters with upholstery fabric. Nice but… not enough.



The outfits towards the end were much more decadent… in terms of material and drapery and details.

But what we felt was more amazing were the head dresses that Shai Tabassi made. She conceptualised and lovingly created each of them within a month, without even seeing the pieces in person.

With all that love put into each hat, its no wonder that they are all one-off pieces.

Some hats are made with pretty exotic material… like horse tail hair and stuff that I cannot pronounce or attempt to spell, haha.


Emirates also unveiled their new uniform. The red accents and pinstripes added a sophisticated touch.

The event was held at the Shangri-La Hotel over lunch (which was delish!) and provided the lovely backdrops for our Twigs and Trunks entry.


After the show though, I’ve got an itch to throw a Hat Party. And Xiao Wen from Fash-E did mention something about a bloggers’ picnic… Maybe we could combine the two?

Stay tuned!


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hey. this might sound quite weird. but i’m the girl that sat opposite u at crystal jade, the night/morning of the comms ball. lol. no wonder u look so familiar! look forward to seeing more of ur posts (:

p.s. i went back the next day for the liver noodles. so. good.

Comment by yilin

both of you look cute huh

Comment by plastiqgurl

thanks! (:

Comment by wottoncool

I love the first conversation because this is exactly how my friends and I sound when going shopping together 🙂

Comment by Anna Pope

hahas! do you ever act on the conversations though?? Jo and I haven’t actually gotten round to throwing actual parties for our purchases. :/

Comment by wottoncool

oh i just love those drapey dresses!

Comment by issa

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