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Sunday 28 June 2009, 3:17 pm
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Nothing beats sleeping in on a sleepy Saturday

Nothing beats wearing your jammies till 6pm, when its time to leave the house for sushi dinner. (:

Nothing beats waking up to the smell of fresh pancakes, being lovingly cooked to perfection on a slow Sunday. (((:

get my drift of how the weekend has floated by? 😀

Picture 003

Ok, so maybe the pancakes weren’t actually being cooked when I awoke from my restful slumber…

But doesn’t it sound so much nicer to wake up to yummy smells. 😀 hehes.

The preparation process was painless. So no complaints.

I chopped strawberries

Picture 014

and came across the cutest strawberry!!!

Picture 008

it was so small and heart-shaped. <3! I couldn’t bear to chop it up. how can you chop up a heart-shaped strawberry?!!?

eventually, i ate it whole.

which leads me to a burning question: Which is worse?

chopping up a heart(-shaped strawberry)?
or eating a heart(-shaped strawberry) whole? :/


also on the menu were

Picture 011

fresh blueberries

are you salivating yet? 😀

well, we aren’t quite done yet!

Picture 016

all in, the menu also included bananas and kiwis (((:

Picture 018

And there was a MOUNTAIN OF PANCAKES to work with. :D!

Picture 021

Picture 019

it makes me really happy to have a colourful pancake breakfast/brunch!


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wahhh!! it’s that mountain of pancakes that sets me off! sounds like a lovely weekend 🙂

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

i cant see the pancakes. just mountains of fruits. lol

Comment by plastiqgurl

Oh yum yum YUM, those look amazing! I wish I could make pancakes 😛

Comment by Anna Pope

I love that heart-shaped strawberry. Good photos!

Comment by WendyB

It makes me happy just to look at it too!

Comment by Isabelle

omg! it IS the Cutest strawberry i have ever ever seen! how adorable, haha. lucky day?

Comment by nikomagazine

omg! it IS the Cutest strawberry i have ever ever seen! how adorable, haha. lucky day?

Comment by Nicole Then

Totally yummilicious! Makes me wanna recreate it!

Comment by Pearlin Siow

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