Just in case you were thinking that I’m gone, here’s some narcissistic photographic evidence of my lurking around:




Here am I at The Lawn in Wheelock Place with a super cute tank-cum-backpack that I felt was not worthy of its price tag during pre-procurement. But when I decided that I liked it enough, not only was the tankpack gone, the entire store was gone!!!!!!!111

While I haven’t got anything substantial to say, like how I loved that Prada departed from their scarily-styled collection of stern wool things (yes, things), rough-cut rubber soled velvet pumps and obscene fishing waders for Fall (though it’s in stores now… but that doesn’t bother me because I never step into Prada anway). I know how some of you lurvveddd it but er, yes that’s all I have to say 😀

On hindsight, is that even something substantial? Hmm.

Sarah and I have been inordinately busy with work and school, even though we’re supposed to be having summer holidays, with a week or two left till the new school term starts. And following a long, busy day is always a bout of acute laziness.

My Macbook has been temporarily decommissioned because the harddisk drive decided to go into coma on a whim one day while I was just loading my thirteenth tab on Firefox. I have yet to get it fixed. Went to Sapura to get it checked but they weren’t able to retrieve any data so I decided not to change the harddisk yet.

So that kinda leaves me with 159 unread mails in my personal email account, probably another 100 in my school email account, 597 unread posts in my Google reader, and a very unexciting, unhappening Facebook profile.

(O btw, any reccommendations for cheap and good data recovery? Cheap and good shouldn’t be such a ready collocation.)

This is the most exciting thing that I’ve done for wottoncool so far – what I think is a pretty cool but difficult-to-decipher drawing for our name card! 😀


It reads: 100% WOTTONCOOL

And with all the usual name card jazz at the back.

Probably a little difficult to read, especially if you’re over 50 or am short or long sighted (I tested it on various individuals, lol), if not you’re probably like me, haha!

Do you like idzzzzz? I haven’t drawn anything in so so long.

Okay see you next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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that tank cum backpack looks really cool.

Comment by Shantee

your namecard design IS SO CUTE!

Comment by Stephie

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