Bundle of Joy

A classmate of mine once said, “Messy is sexy”.

And she was referring to the state of our ponytails as we were fussing over them after a usual un-glam  P.E. session.

Since then, it kinda stuck as a catchphrase for our messy hair.

Our own little excuse.

Then, at a recent event, I came across this lady with her hair tied as such…

Picture 038

I am so amazed by how neat it is.

I bet that all the hairspray and bobby pins in the world could not make my hair remotely that neat.


Picture 040

Neat, ain’t that bad too eh?


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I’m 20 years old and i’d go out with my hair like that, anyday. I struggle with up-do’s- I could learn a thing or two from her…post an instructional vid??

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Comment by Dena Bakr

Wow, I’ve always wanted to do my hair like that, especially when I want an up-do that doesn’t require a ponytail holder. But I could never get it as neat and gorgeous as hers!

Comment by Sydney

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