Friday 7 August 2009, 9:35 am
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Following its unprecedented success of its queue-all-the-way-to-the-toilet opening at Tampines 1, Uniqlo is finally opening its first city store in ION Orchard. Woot!

I’m not sure if there will be queues snaking outside the store this time around since it’s the second opening. There really isn’t much corridor space and it’s really near the MRT entrance. But what with their crazy special prices for opening and all! Maybe you’ll have to wait behind the MRT gantries to enter the store.

It being the first city store apparently heralds a spruced-up layout and interior… like a black recess in the ceiling.


The interiors are still very Uniqlo, simple, sleek, well-lit, utilitarian, but most importantly, easy to navigate. I did not once lose sight of  the stuff that I spied upon entering the store 😀



The Fall collection is lots of plaid, plaid, plaid on plaid, plaid on plaid on stars, stripes, leather over plaid, fleece, fleece, stuff that looks really good for fall winter but really, stuff that I would think thrice wearing in Singapore. At this point in time I can only imagine how my the humid weather will turn my skin fleece-adhesive.

Not complaining about the collection, just THE WEATHER.

But anyway, we’re receiving the collection before Japan! Talk about novelty.

I think I must plan a trip overseas to somewhere where there actually is a fall and winter so that I can wear all the clothes that I’ll be accumulating this time of year.

The Neo-leather line made its worldwide debut in Singapore. A real treat and probably of some significance since we’re such a small country – but er, not Singapore weather-friendly eh? Sorry. Can’thelpit.


But anyway I couldn’t resist and got myself a jacket in an off-white-greyish colour.

It’s constructed with synthetic leather, yes it is soft,  fully lined, yes it is lighter than a real leather jacket, but yes it is still too bloody warm to wear in Singapore (despite the press release proposing otherwise…)

I think I will test-drive its wearability when school starts next week.

It’s available in black and brown and in the biker jacket style as well, but somehow the weird colour I got seemed the least synthetic-looking of all.

Think despite all my rants, I’ll still be making recurring trips to Uniqlo.

And HI Dinie, Nicole, Wen, Dottie and Melly! HI MELLY yes it was so weird seeing you but !!!


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oooh i really like the jacket!

Comment by issa

aha! so you did get the jacket in the end. well i’ll make sure it’s less weird the next time :]

Comment by greenlaundry

nice to meet u too! (in the mrt) hah.

Comment by dinie

Hi I am wondering how much does the jacket cost?

Comment by sy

hi sy, the jacket cost $99.90. But it may be on discount now… Uniqlo might still be having their Ion branch opening discount/sale. Hurry!!!!

Comment by wottoncool

Ok will do thank you! Hope it keeps me warm in the freezing room!

Comment by sy

LOVE that jacket!

Comment by elanarobinson

I am interested in selling your clothing here in Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

Comment by Itziar Iribarren

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