[Spotlight] Bershka @ Ion Orchard
Sunday 23 August 2009, 8:49 pm
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Bershka Ion Store Launch E-invite

According to Wikipedia:

Bershka is a company belonging to the Spanish Inditex group (owner of Zara), that was created in April 1998 as a new store and fashion concept, aimed at a young target market. It now has 508 stores in 36 countries, including Spain, France, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Montenegro, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Belgium, Colombia, Portugal, Poland, Guatemala, Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, El Salvador, Latvia, Venezuela, Estonia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Where is Singapore? *pouts* ))):

Ok, not like it really bothers me much.

Jo and I attended the Launch Party, held on a Thursday evening. I got a bit (very!) lost trying to find the place in the abyss of ION Orchard’s basementzzz! They should make it a rule that all stores indicate their unit number, regardless of how atas the store is! grr!


[Disclaimer: the following photos were taken using my mobile phone camera… so if the quality sucks, sorry!]



There were people aplenty packed into the plush psychedelic place. There was a DJ spinning music, live. The place felt like a club, with clothes…


And not forgetting happy foods! 😀

Cottoncandy, Oreos, Pocky (<3!), mentos, potato chips, Lollipops, M&Ms, water, Coke, Sprite, Snapple (which got snapped up real quick)… all for us guests to munch on as we combed the store.

Not forgetting,


Bershka Ramly Burgers, which were right next to…



Muslim food next to alcohol. Subtle.

Moving on…

Their clothes walls are quite nicely arranged.


Although not everything was within reach. :/


The clothing has a lot of mass market appeal. Graphic tees, Pseudo-already-worn-by-someone-for-two-years ‘new’ jeans, dresses, short skirts, vests etc.

There were two drop-crotch pants that were interesting. Jeans with lace imprint/spray-paint(?) detail. And sequinned short skirt.


(excuse Jo’s candid face :D)


My only (sorry!) photo of some of the other bloggers..

Hello Carlos, Ridwan, Dinie, Nina, X-wen, Nicole and Qin. (:

We were all chilling and rubbing shoulders with the shoes when Analog Girl started her shiz..


It took awhile for everyone to sort of gravitate towards her… and after oogling at her create beats/sounds with her passe of electronic gadgets (which was cool yet perplexing)


The models joined her shortly after.


And it wasn’t your traditional show… Rather than have the models, tall and visible above all our short heads, but far from the audience on the elevated stage…


The models weaved through the crowds to stand on small platforms scattered throughout the store, allowing an up-close-and-personal view of the clothes… (makes ’em models sound like animals at the zoo eh? hahas)


The finale was also quite fun and energetic with the models eating some of the snacks as they walked and danced around the store. (so the do eat!!!)


After the fashion show, they also had a beatboxer do his thang. Kudos to the professionalism shown despite the crappy mike that died twice. :/


with vouchers in hand, I went around hunting for something…


And i thought these shoes were really lovely. Psuedo suede, flats with perfurations nonetheless. But at $129 before discount… The stars didn’t align for this purchase. *sigh…


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Looks great.. I must visit the store one day!

Comment by mode.ulation

THANks for the coverage. Is Ion the only outlet in SG?

Comment by Erick

I’m not too sure :/ sorry!

Comment by wottoncool

i’m in love with Bershka at ION ORCHARD. the stuffs there are good and the staffs there are niice people too 🙂 long live!

Comment by Ridzwan

I really like the CONCEPT of Bershka… iTs Edgy and Cool..

Comment by Ayie

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