Dry swimmin’
Tuesday 25 August 2009, 3:43 pm
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This reminds me…




Mahjong, anyone?

I wonder if it’s anymore satisfying playing with a set of tiles from Maison Martin Margiela. Wonder if the monochrome will slow me down too, haha.

Damn, they sure know how to please those Hong Kongers.

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dry swimming! <3<3<3

Comment by Air

JO!!! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! hahas.

Comment by wottoncool

they look too nice to play with lor.. OMG I CANT WAIT FOR HK I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO BRING ME AROUND WITHOUT EVERYONE.. JUST ME + U AND OMG.. THE THOUGHT OF IT MAKES ME HAPPY HAHAHA ok i sound lezbian. i love u sisss

Comment by linnette

Ahaha They’re so white! I’m quite sure I’d have to wash them after every game. lol.

My mum is still looking for the fake LV ones. hehe

Comment by Sarah

awww. Its look good.
J want have this 🙂


Comment by Daniela

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