Plus One, Plus Two.
Sunday 30 August 2009, 10:52 am
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With the recent (and welcomed!) spike in invites to events and launches, which I first and foremostly attribute to our readers (THANK YOU!) and secondly to media and PR companies who have, because of our loyal readers, become a blip on their radars (:

At about the time of Uniqlo’s store opening at Ion Orchard, I had this idea…

I remember pre-Wottoncool days, reading and/or hearing about cool events, launches, parties, fashion shows, showcases and features and being so envious of these ‘lucky people’ who receive invites and get free stuff. (I mean, who doesn’t want free stuff right?!!)

And now that I have had the chance to be on ‘the other side’ with $100 vouchers from Uniqlo, getting behind the scenes glimpses, meeting up and coming designers face to face, enjoying “media discount” and enjoying special ‘event-only’ discounts and freebies, I would very much like to share these experiences as much as possible.

As such, I am going to do my very best to invite friends and readers to events as my way of saying thank you and sharing the lurrve <3!

And what better time to start than now?!

My first attempt and experiment was at the Pull and Bear event. Upon receiving the invite, I quickly choped my friend, Berton, who was the one lamenting and raving about P&B’s goods. After that, I asked very very nicely if I could bring a friend :D! hehes, brilliant order eh?

Well, the request was granted.. (YAY!!) and they even said ‘so I’ll plus two for you’ :D:D:D (YAAYYYNESS!!!!)

So on Thursday, three of us (Jo couldn’t make it) were at Pull and Bear, browsing, shopping and snacking A LOT! hahas.


Me and Berton. photographer: Lace.

I took a picture of Berton and Lace but there was a lighting FAIL moment. And at their requests, I am not putting that photo up.

At the door, we were given a $10 voucher each. ON TOP OF a storewide 15% discount.

Needless to say, they were happy and left with lighter pockets but happier hearts 😀

I hope to have more moments to share with readers too.

(Media peeps, if you are reading this.. remember it’s Wottoncool +2! Thanks!!!)

(Hoping to) share the love. (:


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please bring miss glitzy next time!! :D:D

Comment by Miss Glitzy

Sure thing Miss Glitzy! (:

Comment by wottoncool

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