[Spotlight] Wottoncool@ Pull and Bear
Sunday 30 August 2009, 1:21 am
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A name can be quite deceiving.

And Pull and Bear‘s most certainly is.



Their look and layout and all-around vibe always gave me the impression it was a very ‘up’ brand. Like it competes with Bread & Butter, attracting people who are willing to part with upwards of $300 for a pair of (freakin’!!!) jeans.

I think its got something to do with the fact that they both have a similar formula to their names:

‘(Random word 1) AND (Random word 2)’

Bread AND Butter. Pull AND Bear. see!? hahas.



Upon receiving the email invite, my interest was piqued despite knowing full well that there was already a slew of things to do on the same day.

Plus, a friend of mine had recently lamented and raved about Pull and Bear products so I just had to RSVP.


They seem to have taken inspiration from their own designs…


And stacked this mountain of old televisions, looping random videos mixed with live feeds of people walking past the entrance.



Food was a-flowing at the event. Which was really great because I was starving!! I managed to snap up a Snapple and there was even Red Rock Deli chips (which you must try at least once in your life)!!!

Ok. back to the clothes.


Tees cost between $30 to $40… from what I saw. And as you can see from the corner of the photo, jeans start at $90.


Their graphics were quite interesting. And the materials felt good.


I quite liked this top and all its emo-ness.


And this sequinned leopard print cropped coat was a steal at about $60.

But what I eventually left the store with was this ring. (:

Picture 024

I love how its not really a ring in the tradtional sense.

Picture 027

A series of cresent-shaped metal pieces linked to a skinnier U-shape to make this ring.

I love the feeling that its finger armour and also strangely reminds me of a walnut. I’m not too sure why. hahas.

And after pouring through their catalogue, which they so kindly provided, I have fallen in love with this ring too!


But I didn’t see it in the store ):

I guess its not meant to be…


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I love Pull and Bear!

Comment by mode.ulation

I think i saw that ring at the orchard outlet. (taka)

Comment by Ly

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