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Monday 31 August 2009, 2:45 am
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Outfit photo!

From the Parco@Millenia Media party and Pull and Bear events.

And taken at Changi Airport Terminal 3

busy busy day!!


Cool black drape-y long sleeve top: Abyzz by Desmond Yang
Navy Tank top: Uniqlo
Grey jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Charles and Keith
Bag: random Far East Plaza shop
Necklaces: from Perth and Israel
Malleable bracelet: gift from Jo
Rings: from Jordan and Pull & Bear

Pardon my inept description of the Abyzz top.

Basically, the sleeves have corners so that it creates a cool drape effect.


See! 😀

Its a new purchase, I have to show it off! :D:D:D

And my friends, helpful as they were holding up the sleeves and taking the photo all, were singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and re-enacting scenes from Titanic (“I’m flying Jack, I’m flying!!!”) as this photo was being taken.

They also kept trying to steal my accessories.. “Sarah, may I see your ring/bracelet?”

Hand it to them and 2 seconds later… “Thanks Sarah! See! Sarah just gave me her ring/bracelet? Nice right? ”


Love ya’ll anyways!


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