[Spotlight] Jook your Look

Let me formally introduce you to Jooks.

Picture 003

Don’t be fooled by their pseudo PAP veneer (although that was my parents’ first reactions. hahas)

Let me try to set it up for you.

a. People (assumingly, Singaporeans) backpacked through Spain

b. Crossed paths with casual, comfy shoes called Espadrilles.

c. Loved them so much they were compelled to share the love.

d. Came back to Singapore, pooled resources together to facilitate love-sharing (and money-making!)

So, mathematically:

a. + b. + c. + d. = Jooks!

Picture 021

So these are what Jook’s Espadrilles look like. Although I highly doubt there is much variation… made of jute rope and canvas, these are like non-waterproof slipper substitutes.

Yes. On my second day of wearing them, I got rained in on ))):

They make a great travel companion, storing quite flat. Especially in comparison with other shoes.

Picture 004Picture 007

They fold away to the thickness of the soles, which is approximately 1.5cm tops.

And if the earthiness of my Lightbrown Eyes don’t float your boat, you can always order them in wacky colours like Gang Green, Blue Balls, Coral Sex or Red Indian! hahas.

My favourite?

Navyblue Dabadeebabadie! (:

And till Friday, you can get them at $18 a pop. Instead of the dreary ol’ usual price of $25.90…

Picture 051

Wore them to school on Monday.. (So excuse the tired, deer-in-headlights, expressionless face… 7 hours of class does that to me.)

Graphic t-Shirt: originally had a White tank top… but experienced a ‘Mustard Moment’ :/ it was highlighter-yellow!!!, I had to change my top and this was the only spare.
Jacket with detachable badges: Uniqlo
Slouchy linen pants, cuffed: Giordano
Striped bag: gift from Mom
Shoes: Jooks


    1. Hey chris, from my understanding and according to their website, the company is based in Singapore although their primary sales channel is online.


    1. hey elaina, you should try a pair for yourself to test them out!
      personally, I quite like that its very earthy and slouchy. I think it makes an understated accent against dressy attire.


  1. I couldn’t decide on the colour and thought I’d place an order today, *shock horror* the $18 offer has already ended! I thought it was until 4 Sept 😦


      1. hehe I emailed them and they said the offer is still on afterall!

        are your pair really true to size? or did you really measure your own feet against their size chart? Thanks

      2. hey gloria! thats great to hear! 😀 and yeah, I would say that it it quite accurate. Measure from your big top to the heel. The quarter-inch difference can be quite significant. Jo took a size 39. (I’m a 40) and I can squeeze into her pair but the canvas around the heel was tight.

  2. hey, just spotted yr wordpress.. ow.. how i wish it could be earlier.. any possibility u will be selling Jooks shoes any sooner at the price of $18?? cos my cousins n siblings wanting to but them as family things.


    1. Hi! Just wondering, where did you get your Jooks from? Seems like the website is not available or something.. Where do they sell in Singapore? Thank youuuu!


  3. hey wanted to google jooks online but the only match was to your website. for anyone who wants to purchase the shoes, they recently opened their stores at the central@clark quay(not sure which unit# but its on the 2nd level). they are having 10% off through the entire classic and cousin range till the end of this week.


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