[Spotlight] Egg-citing Times
Saturday 5 September 2009, 10:51 pm
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Remember Tamagochis?

Those tiny toy-things where you could raise and take care of an electronic pet. Feed it, play with it and clean up after it. Find out one day that it unexpectedly dies and simply re-hatch it and repeat the process?

I remember when tamagochis were all the rage.

Some kids brought them to school to show off. Other kids, myself included, oogled at kids showing off. Feelings of jealousy and envy are not healthy at the tender age of 9 and 10.

I also remember the school banning them within the week that they hit the market cos theft cases shot through the roof. :/

Then along came to likes of cheap(er) imitations and variations as well as alternatives like the Digimon series..

Well, I have to say that its a very tamagochi-esque feeling…

Waiting and watching and tending to an egg as it hatches into some mysterious creature of origins unknown.

Picture 021

This time, its not happening in the virtual world

Picture 001

It is beyond me how they get a seed embedded in an egg shell. But I’m so thoroughly amused!

Picture 002

And when I asked Melissa what type of plant it was, she said she wasn’t sure herself.

Whats life without surprises eh?! 😀

Picture 028Picture 029

I got home and immediately got to ‘hatching’ my ecoegg.

Picture 030

Picture 036Picture 042

The step-by-step instructions at the back of the box are quite straightforward and idiot-proof.

Picture 057

Picture 063

As the days go by…

Camera battery and failing memory permitting, I’ll update regularly on my ‘Tamagochi’s growth.

Today, its first 2 leaves spouted! (:

More photos soon.


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I had a Tamagochi, I bought it with my babysitting money. I remember thinking “this is not very awesome”.

Comment by Aja

Hey Sarah, Thanks alot!

Anyway, I found out that it’s a MONEY PLANT!

haha. hope to work with you again, ya?

Take care=)

Comment by Melissa

can’t seems to find this product online..any updates on your eggie?

Comment by Test Shoot Gallery

hey, you can get it from any Triumph ecochic counter. Try Tangs?

Comment by wottoncool

Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info

Greetings from Tim. 🙂

Comment by pasta makers

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