Lets fly, Lets fly away…
Monday 7 September 2009, 1:41 am
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fly away with balloons

Attended a birthday brunch on Saturday.

Can you tell what the colour theme was? 😀


Yeaps, everyone was in white and yellow. Which made it look so bright and happy :D. The sun was in on it too. It was damn hot!!! (but the photos came out real nice so what the heck eh?)

Tank top: Uniqlo
Dress: Perth
Lace Vest: SAM flea market
Bag: Salvation Army


Even the dog was in theme. Cute right? 😀

Happy Birthday lene!!!

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omg!!! love the balloons and the dog is just SOOOO cute. sigh, sometimes i wish i could get a tiny dog. but i doubt i’ll be a good attentive owner.

Comment by nicole

That’s jareds condo!

Comment by Joce

Yellow is so much fun at summer! We made a few yellow balloons photos of our own too..
You have a lovely blog!

Comment by Nina - Braids and Bows

I love your blog! You go too many events and I really love the photos.
I read you soon.
Nice day!

Comment by Ofelia

That is such a cute photo 😀

Comment by CinnamonAnna

The first photo is really cute! White and yellow is such a cheerful colour combi! =]

Comment by theresa

aww! the dog is TOO CUTE.

Comment by samantha ezra

Heard so much of your blog on the local scene girl and I’m here reading it !

Love those jump shots and the yellow theme party ! Adore the yellow dress and the dog is so adorable with his/her own attire ❤


Comment by Valencia Lia

Ohhhh added you to my blogroll as well ❤

Comment by Valencia Lia

Oops 1st comment didn’t go through !

Heard a lot about your blog in the local scene girl !! Loving the yellow theme and the yellow dress. Awwwww,the dog is too adorable ❤

Comment by Valencia Lia

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