War with the Wardrobe

It’s official. The nondescript wood and vanguard structure procured from Ikea is slowly but surely unleashing its inhabitants into no man’s land. Such behaviour is totally uncalled for and Jo has declared war against the wardrobe.


I am seeking to oust up to 50% of the offending party because they have not served me well.

That said.

OMG! WHEN DID MY WARDROBE BECOME LIKE THAT? I never knew, or never could visualize an “overflowing wardrobe” till today. Desperate measure are to be taken.

Please tell me that your wardrobe looks like that too. And that you have given up on folding your clothes.. It’s er… normal right?

Crisis! Must detox.

Anyway, Sarah and I will most probably be taking part in FLEA TITAN III next Monday, courtesy of my sistaz who got major lobang for uz coz she’s in da hood. I don’t quite get what I just said.

Also, fashion week makes me fashion weak. I haven’t had time to pay attention to it.

Also, GO BACK UP ALL YOUR FILES NOW. My computer crashed and no amount of money can redeem my massive amount of pictures and music because the data recovery centre just rendered all my data “TOTALLY UNCOVERABLE”. I don’t believe there’s such a thing. I’m sure if I were a criminal they’d get it back.



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i’m sorry your computer crashed. is there really no hope of redemption? i’m no expert; i wish i can help.

at least your clothes remain in the wardrobe. mine’re folded (by my ma) and are left outside – on the bed, on the shoe rack, on the floor.

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

apparently not. i’m quite devastated. help welcome, from anyone!

hahah mine are folded by mum grandma and aunt when they’re out of the wash and then left on the bed. they kinda gave up on squashing it into the cupboard, cos i do the honours hahahah

i’m so embarassed!

Comment by wottoncool

That’s exactly how mine looked before I cleaned it up yesterday! And I still have no idea either how it got that way.

But like my best friend said: “When it gets like that, there’s only one thing to do: Buy a bigger closet” :))

Comment by CinnamonAnna

ok it’s time for me to get packing too, i guess.

i wish i could fit a bigger closet in my room!

Comment by wottoncool

My sister’s wardrobe looks exactly like yours and she kept asking me to help her to pack it neat! And i tell her to just get a biggger one. Maybe you should too, makes things easier yea? And woo will be at flea titan too! ^^

Comment by Ziling

Hi do you have any of the following for sale:

1. beret
2. aa le sac dress
3. any aa items
4. suede heels

gone down today(sun) already. Do email me if you are selling. Thanks!

Comment by Csueling

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