Saturday 26 September 2009, 3:28 pm
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You know how it is when you are bored at home, lazying around the place… Passing the time by watching television, listening to music, reading a book, sleeping in, pigging out, watching your pet fish (if you have some) swim back and forth in their tank?

Well, what happens when you put 7 bored dancers and 3 bored musicians together?

Toss into the equation, a tanker-full of creative juices, bundles of tape, time and sweat…

And you get Project Sexycats!

Project Sexycats 01

The put it very succinctly: 7 dancers, 3 musicians, 1 video.

A collaboration between the Sunset Alley Cats, a street dance group, and the Sexies (aka the band, who claim music to be their underwears).

Project Sextcats 02

Yes. they REALLY film in their underwear. classy eh?

Read more about their own introduction here!

Well, that started off as one video has snowballed into something a bit more than that…

For when you are bored, need a break and good laugh, watch these!!

For more updates: check out their site and join then on Facebook!


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loads of fun! reminds me a bit of the b-boyz from korea.

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

saw them filming at the National Museum of Singapore. their antics were funny on that day ! LOL ! thanks for posting their news 😀

Comment by Jenny

jo: way cooll!!!!!! they are so funny heh.

Comment by wottoncool

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