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Thursday 1 October 2009, 3:16 pm
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Hello beautiful readers…

Apologies for the absence.

Suffering severely from guilt for the lack of recent updates.

Recently in my personal life, I was going through some rather difficult times. It really affected my motivation to eat and sleeping patterns and had me extremely worried.

And I am eternally grateful to my friends who have been my source of comfort and support through this past month. Its really a ‘wake me up when September ends’ moment.

And a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ also to you, readers, who continue to visit Wottoncool despite our temporary ghostly ways (:

Picture 244

*imagine you are the pillar and me giving you a BIG HUG! 😀


ok. Onto other news.

In my bid and semi-psychotic want to serve the school, I campaigned to be in the school’s Student Association, SMUSA.

This was my campaign poster…

Sarah Swee for SMUSA

You like? (:

(Photos and wardrobe provided by my friend Steph.)

And after a long drawn (ok, so it was only like 4 days) wait…

I got in!

If you felt the world momentarily become lighter yesterday, that was my happiness-filled heart leaping into the upper stratosphere in celebration 😀

If you voted physically or in spirit. Thank you (:


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I voted.

Comment by Dames

thanks dames (:

Comment by wottoncool

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