New Balance Feral Collection

I came across the New Balance Feral Collection adverts in September’s issue of Juice magazine.

Feral Collection


Sorry I couldn’t find clearer pictures…

But may I declare that I am in awe of the Crow and Peacock watercolours!?!  (:



Not the the Lion and Mouse images aren’t cool too. The whole black and red and purple colour combo doesn’t call my name like the other two do. hahas…

So much so that

Picture 002

Its now a part of my daily planner because it looks too good to throw away! But more on that later (:



I love how bright the colours are and how its not a solid block of colour but a cool gradient. interesting yet subtle detail. (:



Yesterday while out shopping at Raffles City, I walked by the New Balance store and got to see the Feral Collection shoes up close.

And I must say that the photos don’t do these shoes justice.


Its not till up close that you see the pony hair (at least I think and hope that it pony hair! :/) that has been incorporated into the Crow design.

Seriously, kudos to the artists involved in this collection. They make me wanna own a pair!


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