Note it Down

Briefly mentioned in my previous post here,

Let me formally introduce you to my notebook-cum-planner-cum-diary-cum-life!

Picture 001

Here are the pages with the New Balance Feral Collection adverts… cut and modified to fit the pages. Doesn’t exactly leave a lot of space for notes but I don’t care. It looks pretty (:

Picture 003

So here is how it starts off…

Picture 004

The notebook has completely blank pages then I measure and mark the corners of the boxes for each day. The boxes are then free-handed… cos rulers are so le-chey (cumbersome).

Picture 013Picture 011

Picture 006Picture 008

Days and dates are added accordingly. And depending on what ‘speaks to me‘ from various magazines, I cut them out and add them to the book for variety and colour! (:

Everyone needs a bit of colour in their life.

Picture 007

Every two pages/weeks or so, I insert a “break” and dedicate a bit more space to things that deserve the space. hahas.

Picture 009Picture 010

And the rest of the space is kept for meetings, assignment due dates, to-do lists, appointments, etc.

You like?

Little, somewhat time-consuming (these things don’t magically cut themselves and become self-adhesive on its own y’knw!) things make me happy. (:

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oooh, nice : D where did you get it from? (show the cover? but i think you’ve probably covered it with pretty cut outs haha) i’m always on the hunt for blank RING notebooks instead of lined ones but they’re usually expensive or ugly haha

Comment by jia

hey jia, the notebook was a free gift from a school event. the beauty is you can decorate any book so even if it start ugly, you can decorate it till it looks pretty hahas. (:

Comment by wottoncool

Thanks for your post. I used to do this when I was younger but lost the passion to do so. Thanks for relighting my fire to start to do this again! Cheers!

Comment by Mode Attitude Culture

welcome (:

Comment by wottoncool

I totally get where you’re coming from, my scrapbook and collage work always makes me smile. The diary is astounding, I would just love to sit down for a few hours and give every page my full attention. Very inspiring stuff.

Comment by Tea For Two

thank you (: i just like to make the book as colourful as possible. hahas

Comment by wottoncool

omg pinkie. you are so creative with this kind of stuff. it’s mind boggling.

Comment by Steph

thanks steph (: hope you’ve been well! lets meet up soon.

Comment by wottoncool

omggg gorgeous please.

Comment by cheryl

thank you cheryl!

Comment by wottoncool

wooo, super nice!

Comment by jane

thanks! (:

Comment by wottoncool

cool! i used to do that too when i was in smu. lol, don’t know why i lost interest. maybe cos it motivated me alot pasting stuff in my notebook. will revive it again, thanks for reminding me of the joys of scrapbooking 😀

Comment by nicole then

welcome! would really like to see what you create. Post it ok?! (:

Comment by wottoncool

2 words… damn effort!

nice thou haha

Comment by clareassiral

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