I(pod) got a feeling
Monday 12 October 2009, 11:58 pm
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I got a feeling…

Its been growing and bubbling inside of me for awhile now.

Of late, my high level of exposure to Apple products (thanks to my friends) – Macbook Pros, Ipods, Iphone and the like have caused me to develop a new-found appreciation for Apple products.

I totally need to become an ‘Early Adopter’ its so much cooler. hahas. I admit, I’ve been a supporter of Creative Technologies products for the past 5 years

creative muvo_mp3


I still remember my first mp3, the Creative MuVo Square. But after 3 years, I traded it in for a Creative Zen MX



But after 2 years of loving use and after the warranty expired :/ it has been hit with the mysterious disease called ‘The White Screen of DEATH!’ ))): and according to the Creative Team, it’d cost $40 to diagnose the problem and an upwards of $80 to get the screen fixed.


I figure I might as well get a new mp3 but I’m still undecided on what to get.Creative ZEN X-Fi2


I quite like the Zen X-Fi2 size. Although it has functions like the Mic and RSS feed that I doubt I’d use. And even though, from what I gather, the sound quality is much better than Apples…



Ipods are just sexier. hahas. (:

And after reading the nano specs, I’m quite smitten.



But I’m still not sure! I need your thoughts/opinions/suggestions!!!



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Comment by iPod-Touch

hellooo pinkiedoodles. cheryl and i got ipod nanos in RED! 😀 join the sisterhood of ipod-love. lol.

or just get an iphone while you’re at it lah it’s so much cooler and like two in one?! how awesome is that. id have gotten it if i didnt already get my new phone ):

Comment by nessaaa*

once you go ipod, you never go back 🙂

Comment by Yan

below are just my personal thoughts =)

the things i look out for when i buy mp4(music player)

– software provided(ease of usage)
– syncing of music database(mine is about 7GB)
– capacity(in terms of memory)
– screen size(if you are watching videos with it)
– design
– overall size(you wouldn’t want a huge stone in your bag/pocket
– sounds quality(im not really sure about this)

creative: i don’t know much about creative, but their products are quite advance

apple ipods: i use a ipod, i have been fairly happy with it!

i once read that, to be happy with a portable player, you will need to access your favorite songs with less than 5 seconds.

i think ipod does that really well since they have a touch circle for you to scroll through songs really fast.

hope this help! =)

Comment by zenbouw

hey! thanks so much. I think I’m quite set on getting a nano already hahas.

And you mean they actually timed and correlated happiness to access to fav songs?! hahas. so if i excess it in 6 seconds, I’m not (as) happy? hahas. I’m quite amused 😀

Comment by wottoncool

haha! the 5 seconds is just a rough figure. but really, wouldn’t want to that down button to search for your fav song when you have like more than 1k songs

as for the happiness factor, my guess that is, you have the power in ur hands to change ur mood(music genre) within that small amount of time

Comment by zenbouw

yep, join us!:D and get a red one too so we will have like triplet ipods,then we’ll ostracise carol and make her get one too. hahahaha:D

Comment by cheryll

hahas. is yours the 16GB one too?

Comment by wottoncool

just because i’ve got a blue nano =Pp. or did you forget! hahaha.

Well pinks, mine’s lasted me for the past 2.5 years, and i’m a happy camper! can’t live without my music mann. i’d say just get a nano, 8GB of songs is already too much for me to handle. plus, it’s so small and snazzy. 😉

Comment by carol

im a lover of an ipod classic 120GB that doubles up as an extra x3 hard disk that i use extensively. cos of my job, i get files that are in high res, so other than saving it in a normal hdd, i can never be safe by saving it at multiple places.

i really think that apple just has this sexy feel to it’s products. hahah! personal opinion!

ive had poot chai/ah chai (which means boy in thai) for almost a year, and i’ve never regretted my choice. he’s been good and has been very useful. in which he’ll turn ONE on 5th Nov. whahaha!

Comment by Toong Euphemia

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