Scaling to New Heights
Tuesday 13 October 2009, 8:54 pm
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I haven’t really been following Spring/Summer 09 RTW

but by golly! Is Alexander McQueen trying to kill us?! hahas.



These shoes are so weird and intriguing and INSANELY high (therefore near impossible to walk in) and I think are BEEUUTIFUL! (:


I’m quite curious to see how this translates down into more affordable variations. Variations that I might actually be able to afford :D!


It kinda feels like you are on pointe shoes without really being on pointe. Plus i love the cascading ‘nuts’ (the hardware sort) and embellishments!


I’m sooo tempted to stick random shiny objects to my shoes now. I sound like a crow!!! hahas


If I had a pair, I might just put them on display permanently. On a rotating platform. Spotlights and all. And just spend my day oogling, awe-striken and worshiping. O_O!


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but i think they’re super fugly! ):


Comment by wottoncool

They look rather alien-like and extremely intimidating! I can imagine knocking out someone with that! Definitely needs some getting used-to.

Comment by Joy

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