7inches of LOVE
Monday 26 October 2009, 2:16 pm
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Last I measured (which was quite some time ago) my height was a decent 171cm. Slightly above average, there isn’t much need (for both vertically and practicality’s sake) to be wearing heels.

But that has never stopped my love and appreciation for beautiful shoes, especially the high-heeled sorts… It’s either 3inches and above or nothing. Painful as it may potentially be, I really love the arch created and how it elongates.

Friends sometimes ask how I can walk in 4-inch heels the whole day. And why I’d subject myself to such pain and torture and inconvenience (balancing on the bus in 4-inch heels, with bulky bag and laptop in hand is a skill yo!)

But as if 4 inch heels aren’t scary enough.

Meet Burberry’s AW09 Shoes

36224192-9d87-484c-b320-5c4284457cc5Burberry AW09 Lace-up Platform Sandals

According to Burberry, these shoes have a towering 18cm heel! Can you imagine being almost 20cm taller?! WOAH! Crazily insane but pure LOVE. Pure 7inches of LOVE!


Burberry AW09 Braided Platform Sandals

There is something very understated yet lustable about this leather strap detailing, wood platform and rubber sole combination. Fierce and feminine and yet not over-the-top blinged out.

And usually, when I think of wedge platforms, my first point of recall is the images of scarring ah-lian footwear – wedge platform foam slippers.*shudders*

f25b73f0-4a04-4205-a02e-0dec994a45e5Burberry AW09 Suede Wedge Ankle Boots

On contrary however, I’m really digging these suede wedge ankle boots. Understated cool. I’d wear these in a heartbeat!

And if finances permitted (which is so totally NOT going to happen), this is how I’d  wear it.

Burberry AW09 ShoesLusting over 7inches of LOVE.


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oooh i love your polyvore! i need those shooz too.

Comment by jo

me too! if only… ):

Comment by wottoncool

Is that my SHOE?!? LOL!

Comment by X-Wen

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