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Tuesday 27 October 2009, 11:45 am
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As project deadlines, presentations and examinations loom closer and closer, I find myself becoming more easily distracted. And as a third-year business student, I find myself losing steam and facing increasing difficulty drawing strength and motivation from whatever high powers to stop procrastinating and getting my work done. hahas!

For a larger part of these past 2 months, after reading ‘The Starbucks Experience’, I’ve become brainwashed and willing to spend up to $7 on a cup of coffee.

Picture 001

And yet reluctant to spend $4 on a proper meal. wth? right?!

Also, ONLINE SHOPPING!! who can forget that?!

Picture 009

Add i-xclusive to your list of online shops.

I got this Peach Crystal Racerback Tank cos I’ve been looking for something (else) to match my Zambesi alibaba pants which you can see here!

Their wares are sourced from the nearby region and not only do they sell to normal people like you and me. They also do wholesale business, selling to other online shops.

Cut out the middleman! Buy direct from the source!!! hahas.

I like how their stuff is basic but with a twist. Not as commercial and mass market as some other online stores, but still with its own appeal.

Mai dong xi, he dong xi!

(Buy something, Drink something!)



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ooh is the starbucks experience the starbucks report on how they started up and what they did to become so famous?!

Comment by nessaaa*

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