Clothed in shoes

Pedder Red has a a new collaboration with Wyman Wong, a multi-tasking celeb (of sorts?) from Hong Kong.

He created a tantalising five-piece collection inspired by the tailoring and work of fashion designers such as Martin Margiela, Christophe Decarin, and Yves Saint Laurent, and you’ll see why in the pictures.



Biker chains and mini dress for Christophe (Balmainia, Balmainia, Balmainia), and a poufy sweetheart tiered dress for Oscar.

How adorable, how adorable, HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE?


YVES_Pedder Red 005b_SGD359

No prizes for guessing, this is Yves. The tuxedo at the back actually has two heels so that the trousers work better, and the flappy collar, lapel and bow-tie looks like a pretty bow at the back of the shoe from far.


Martin – The one with the mannequin on spindly legs is just pure sechzzzzz. So hawt!

My boyfriend was there with me in Pedder Red over the weekend to give his opinion and help me decide – but to no avail. When I saw the pictures, Yves was mine. But when I tried Martin on, I was torn.

Martin or Yves? Tough choice innit? Help me decide!


    1. i liked yves when i first saw the pics because
      1) it’s unusual. who puts a mini tux at the back of a shoe?!?!
      2) it’s a real mini tux! not a print or whatever, but a tux that’s 3D and all
      3) it’s cute

      oh such lousy reasons i know.

      why i liked martin after trying
      1) the spindly leg of the mannequin looks kinda sexy
      2) there’s a measuring tape print on the inside of the sole, HAHA
      3) it looks strange and cool 😀



  1. MARTIN ! YVES might not be ‘nai kan’.. if you know what im saying in mandarin.. martin is quirky yet everlasting? Mind sharing how much are they selling at? Comfy?


  2. MARTIN!!!
    yves is kinda scary. can u imagine if like a head popped out of there one day. haha.
    on a side note..these shoes remind me of the boa trim one that style bubble was toking abt!<3!!


  3. ok. which ones were more comfy? i’d want more surface area for the base since i’m a klutz. so it’s either the chunkier soles or the spikey ones for me. have you decided yet??


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