Wednesday 28 October 2009, 9:38 am
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I’m trying to do the pervy just-say-a-6-pack-on-legs-with-a-totally-cute-face-walk-past hel-lo!

Can you tell?

Anyway, it’s because I’m welcoming this pair of Alaia’s to partake in my communion of height-enhancing footwear. And I won them on eBay at USD99 + 30 (shipping), with no other bidders.

No other bidders. Are you guys crazy or what?




My other Alaia is was a suede belt, bought for a dollar, with a price tag of $790, that now belongs to Sarah.

Okay now make a beeline to oogle at my shoes. I secretly hope everyone’s jealous ahhahahah. Hope they fit! (:


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The lace tieup at the back is GORGEOUS! But just one tiny thing.. isn’t the front thin strip fragile? :l

Comment by gracie

eeps! yes it kinda is, but i think i’ll save this for special occasions where i only have to stand for under an hour hahaha 😀


Comment by wottoncool

jo? how often do you stand for less than an hour? hahas.

Comment by wottoncool

UM, GOOD POINT hahahhaa. i dunno la i just like it 😀

Comment by wottoncool


Comment by wottoncool

i know.. nothing comes in our way once we set our eyes on something. even if its just wearing it once a year 🙂

Comment by gracie

What a score – Congrats!!

Comment by shoptoomuch

well i’m really jealous. congrats on scoring these lovelies!

Comment by Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

Hey just wondering which ebay web do you use eg(sg,usa). Am lost here. Tia!

Comment by csueling

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