Wingardium Leviosa II
Tuesday 3 November 2009, 1:37 pm
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Remember this?


It’s like dreams come true and someone Wingardium Leviosa‘d Christopher Bailey to us. Sorta. Kinda.

WOTTONCOOL will be at Burberry ION Orchard, 7pm tonight, to celebrate the opening of their new store! With creative director, Christopher Bailey, no less!

And of course, a stable of international and local celebs. Think we might faint from exposure and being within such close proximity of the ST*RZ. Fash-Eccentric, One Sixty Notepad, Rock The Trend, Bagaholicboy, will yall make sure that we still look glam if we need to be stretchered out of the party? Lol.

What to wear, what to wear! O, decisions.


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your blog is amazing! have fun tonight ay the opening. but seriously, your blog is amazing. x

Comment by Megan Aney

thanks megan for your kind words (: we’ve got lots to work on, really!

do stay tuned tonight! 😀

Comment by wottoncool

Babe, so envious ;p

have fun..and get awesome pics for us to oogle over..


Comment by Narita Nashella

are you on our facebook and twitter! lots of pics coming nowwwww!!! 😀

Comment by wottoncool

good seeing u guys around =)

Comment by Test Shoot Gallery

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