Create your style, remixed.
Saturday 7 November 2009, 2:01 am
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Yes, it was ten past six when we shot these pictures. It was a longgggg day at school before that! These pictures are actually our own interpretations of Puma’s new Create Your Style campaign.



Well, um, our pictures did turn out quite different from the originals. We kinda got carried away with the drawing. I think we took a whole half an hour? Haha. Kinda silly actually, cos you can’t see the tremendous effort we put into cross-hatching and creating patterns zomg.

Check out the other people who were involved in this campaign remix on Puma’s facebook fan page, and look out for their new store in in 313 Somerset, come December 2009!

December sounds a really long time away, but hello it’s only only only 23 days away! Okay time for Christmas now.


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Girl, your blog rocks!
Love from Brazil.


Comment by Day

Thanks Day! (:

Comment by wottoncool

well done!!

Comment by Test Shoot Gallery

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